The acronym CFO is the abbreviation of the English expression “Chief Financial Officer”, which is equivalent to the Castilian term “financial director”. The CFO or financial director of a company is responsible for the economic planning of the institution, as well as the financial one. All this implies carrying out the projection, order and control of investments, financing and risks in order to maximize the company’s profits and avoid losses. As a term, the expression is typical of business management, and responds to the way of understanding the structuring of human resources in the context of a certain company.

CFO Functions

  • Monitor the financial well-being of the company.
  • Establish the economic policies of the company.
  • Create indicators to monitor and evaluate financial performance.
  • Project investments and financial opportunities.
  • Attend the company’s economic procedures and financial protocols.
  • Establish economic strategies that improve the use of resources.

The CFO within the business structure

The CFO nomenclature is part of a conception of business organization that has been put into practice in the Anglo-Saxon culture and has been expanding throughout the world. Thus, along with the position of CFO or CFO, other acronyms are also recognized on AbbreviationFinder:

  • CEO: Chief Executive Officer or executive director.
  • COO: Chief Operating Officer or chief operating officer.
  • CTO: Chief Technology Officer or technology director (technical operation of technology).
  • CIO: Chief Information Officer or systems chief (process operation).
  • CMO: Chief Marketing Officer or director of marketing.

Chairo is a term of Mexican origin of derogatory use to refer to people who oppose the ideologies or political tendencies of the right. The Colegio de México or Colmex, in its Dictionary of Spanish in Mexico or DEM, published a corresponding definition for the term chairo that, especially, in recent years has been used more frequently to refer to issues related to the policy of that country.


In the definition of the DEM it is stated that Chairo is an offensive noun and adjective which refers to that person who defends a series of causes that go against the political tendencies of the right. However, this individual is characterized by not defending or demonstrating commitment to what he says he supports. Consequently, it is customary to use to point out the people who support or profess the ideologies of the leftist tendency.

This need to define the meaning of ʽchairoʼ arose from the constant use that has been made of this word in recent years, mostly in social networks. Hence, the specialists who prepare the DEM, in their commitment to identify the variations presented by the Spanish language in Mexico, have taken the initiative to define that word.

The word chairo is also used to indicate the “person who is self-satisfied with their attitudes”, since this term can be used to refer to the individual who generates pleasure to himself, without needing to be in contact with another person, or That masturbates. For its part, the Royal Spanish Academy offers another definition of ʽchairoʼ, which refers to a type of soup based on vegetables and meat that is typical of the Andean regions in various parts of America.

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