Adversity in Dictionary

Adversity comes from the Latin word, adversĭtas, which is the quality of adverse, refers to something or someone that is contrary or opposite, unfavorable or enemy.

Adversity is an adverse situation, contrary, of bad luck, difficult to cope with, it is adverse luck, misfortune, an event or a situation that is characterized and dominated by the misfortune in which a person is.

Some synonyms of adversity are, unhappiness, misfortune, misfortune, fatality, disaster, accident, tribulation, difficulty, problem, bad luck. The opposite of adversity is happiness, prosperity, good fortune.

Adversity has an abstract character. Normally we refer to an adversity as a state or situation of a certain duration, and not to a single unfortunate act, of bad luck or unfortunate. Therefore, adversity is not unique or accidental, but more durable over time.

In adversities, it is said that friendships are known and drives away false friends, because, in an unfortunate situation, one friend does not abandon the other. It is also said that in adversity strong people are known, because to face adversity, get ahead and overcome it requires patience, effort, optimism, hope, strength, courage and temper to not give up, let go of regrets, overcome the bad time, learn from it and focus on rebuilding life again.

Adversity has been represented by a sad woman, old and dressed in poor clothes, leaning on a cane to cross a barren field. His sore-covered legs are licked by several dogs and a cabin destroyed by a fire appears at the bottom of the scene.