Anarchy in Dictionary

Anarchy is the absence of public power. This word also means bewilderment, confusion, chaos or noise due to the lack or weakness of an authority. It comes from the Greek ἀναρχία (anarchy), derived from the word ἄναρχος (anarchos). Lack of every government in a state anarchy is a Utopian form of social organization. Some words that can be identified with synonyms are: accrecy, misgovernment, disorder, chaos, confusion and guirigay. Some words with the opposite meaning of ‘anarchy’ are: order and government.

Organized anarchy

Anarchy, understood as a social system characterized by the lack of organization also has a slope that gives it a different meaning. When talking about organized anarchy, reference is made to the possibility of establishing ways to avoid chaos and disorder without the existence of a form of government. It is difficult to establish the forms that may be needed to achieve this type of system, so organized anarchy can be described as a Utopian approach.

Anarchy Symbol

Internationally, a symbol is known that includes an uppercase letter ‘A’ within a circle: Ⓐ. There are several conceptions and interpretations of this symbol. In any case, it is an easily recognizable image that many people identify with anarchy and anarchism. These words begin with the letter ‘A’, which makes its association with the symbol easy. The circle is seen by some as a symbol of perfection, for others it represents unity, and even the world. In reference to the slogan ‘Anarchy is order’, the circle can symbolize the ‘o’ of order.