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According to abbreviationfinder, Akron State University is commonly known as ASU. Akron State University is a public university located in Akron, Ohio. Founded in 1870, it is the largest university in the greater Akron area and one of the largest universities in Ohio. As a comprehensive university, Akron State offers more than 300 undergraduate and graduate programs across 11 schools and colleges to its nearly 25,000 students. The university is committed to providing an excellent educational experience that prepares its graduates for success in their chosen career paths.

The school’s main campus is located on 200 acres of land just south of downtown Akron. It features several buildings, including the historic Buchtel Hall and University Center, which houses offices and classrooms as well as student services such as counseling, health services and recreation facilities. Several residence halls are also located on campus for students who wish to live on-campus. Additionally, the campus includes a library with over 1 million volumes and an expansive athletic complex with an indoor track facility, soccer field and tennis courts.

Akron State offers more than 200 undergraduate programs across seven academic divisions: Arts & Sciences; Business & Economics; Education; Engineering & Technology; Health Professions; Nursing & Health Sciences; Social Sciences & Humanities. In addition to traditional degree programs such as accounting or psychology, students can also pursue specialized fields such as digital media production or forensic science technology through the University’s interdisciplinary approach to learning. Undergraduate students can also take advantage of internships with local businesses or organizations that provide insight into potential career paths while earning college credit at the same time.

At the graduate level, Akron State offers approximately 100 master’s degree programs through its 11 schools and colleges including law, education administration and public health among others. Additionally, doctoral degrees are available in select fields such as business analytics or nursing practice through the School of Nursing & Health Sciences. For those interested in pursuing research opportunities while attending school full-time or part-time classes are available through several centers including The Institute for Biomedical Research which focuses on medical research related topics such as cancer biology or drug discovery among others.

Akron State also has a strong commitment to service learning opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students that provide real world experience working with local communities or non-profit organizations while giving back at the same time. This includes volunteer work at local hospitals or nonprofits as well as internships at businesses ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies throughout northeastern Ohio where they can gain valuable skills related to their field of study while making connections within their industry at the same time.

Finally, Akron State provides numerous resources outside of academics that help support student success including counseling services for mental health issues such as anxiety or depression; career services which provides assistance with job searches or resumes among other things; disability services which helps students navigate accommodations related to learning disabilities among other types of disabilities; peer mentoring program where upperclassmen help new students adjust to college life; tutoring centers where faculty members offer assistance with course material outside of class hours; library resources providing access to books journals databases among other things related to coursework ;and financial aid advising helping students understand how tuition payment plans work among other things related financial aid options available .

Overall, Akron State University provides an excellent educational experience both inside and outside of classrooms that prepares its graduates for success in their chosen career paths while giving them real world experiences along way . With its wide range of degree programs , service learning opportunities , dedicated faculty members , ample resources ,and strong commitment to student success it is no wonder why so many choose this great institution year after year.

Notable alumni of Akron State University include legendary NBA player LeBron James, former NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar, actor Tom Hanks, comedian Arsenio Hall, former U.S. Senator John Glenn, and musician Chrissie Hynde.

Akron State University