Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

The American South and the North in one city, such is Atlanta, the capital and largest city of the American state of Georgia and the central city of the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States of America. In addition, they have the largest airport in the world, the multinational company Coca-Cola and the world news channel CNN are located here.

Atlanta is referred to as the capital of the American South, yet it perfectly blends north and south, as well as past and present. Atlanta is located in the southeastern part of North America, it is the seat of Fulton County, but part of the city also extends into DeKalb County. According to an estimate from 2005, 470,000 people live here, but even with the suburbs, more than five million people live in the metropolis. More than 60% of the population is African American, who originally came here for new job opportunities. 33% of the population is white and the rest are various ethnic minorities. Atlanta is 320 meters above sea level, has a humid subtropical climate, with hot, humid summers and mild winters.

According to existingcountries, Atlanta was founded in 1837. During the Civil War, it was a Confederate fortress that was captured by General Sherman in 1864 after heavy losses. After the Civil War, the city began to flourish and today it is the economic center of the American Southeast. It is also an important transport hub for rail, highway and pipeline transport. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport is the largest airport in the world. Atlanta retained first place in the ACI Airports Association ranking despite last year’s drop in passengers by more than a percent. Almost a quarter of a million passengers pass through the Atlanta airport every day. There are almost 85 million of them per year. For comparison – eight times fewer people pass through Prague’s Ruzyně airport every day. Atlanta also holds the lead in the number of aircraft movements, with almost a million planes taking off or landing here in a year.

Since May 3, 2007, it has offered a direct line to Atlanta and Prague Airport, so nothing prevents you from taking a comfortable trip to the American continent. The direct route to Atlanta means, among other things, an expansion of the possibilities for passengers to get to the USA. In the opposite direction, the line brings the advantage of connecting flights from Prague further on in Europe. The line is operated jointly with ČSA by the American airline Delta Air Lines. It provides connections four times a week, in the main summer season from June 4 to September 1 even five times a week.

The international reach of Atlanta is also proven by the fact that the global television station CNN broadcasts from here. Its building attracts tourists for an interesting tour. When you get tired, you can sit in the shiny shopping center right below the CNN headquarters, where you can choose foods from various corners of the world while watching what is happening in the world on the big screens. The Coca-Cola Museum, the birthplace of Martin Luther King and the largest aquarium in the world are also a big attraction for tourists.

Atlanta has a rich history in sports. Evidence of Atlanta’s new self-confidence is the fact that in 1996 it became only the third American city to host the Summer Olympics. Ice hockey, basketball, baseball and American football are played here at the national level. Another interesting feature of the city is the entire 30 universities that you can count on its land. The most famous include Georgia State University, Morehouse School of Medicine, and the popular Georgia Institute of Technology. etc. Atlanta became famous for its unique music genres – hip-hop, RB and crunk (made famous especially by the rapper Lil Jon). The city is the “headquarters” of one offshoot of American hip-hop, the “Dirty South”.

If you travel to Atlanta, whether you take a direct flight from Prague or just happen to wander here, don’t miss at least one of the unforgettable views of the city. Supposedly the best view of Atlanta is offered from the top of Stone Mountain, which is the largest free-standing granite rock in the world and resembles Ayers Rock in Australia in its enormity. You can go up on your own or take the cable car. Best in the early evening when the city lights start to come on. The revolving restaurant on the 70th floor of the Peachtree Plaza Hotel also offers a very good view. You can see all the way to the Blue Ridge Mountains from here. The elevators there run through glass tubes on the building’s shell, so you’ll have a beautiful view even on the way up. Like in the movie…

Atlanta, Georgia