Adamson University

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According to abbreviationfinder, Adamson University is commonly known as AU. Adamson University is a private and Catholic university located in Manila, Philippines. Established in 1932, it is the oldest existing university in Manila and the first to be recognized by the Philippine government as a Catholic institution of higher learning. With its commitment to academic excellence, Adamson University has produced many prominent alumni who have gone on to become successful professionals in various fields.

The main campus of Adamson University is situated along San Marcelino Street in Manila. It is composed of eight colleges: College of Accountancy and Business Administration; College of Arts and Sciences; College of Engineering; College of Education; College of Nursing; Institute for Language Education; Institute for Research and Innovation; and Institute for Social Development. The university also offers several graduate programs including Master’s degrees in Business Administration, Education, Nursing Science, Public Administration, Arts & Sciences, Engineering and Architecture.

Adamson University has a student population of over 10,000 students from all parts of the country as well as from foreign countries such as China, Japan, Korea and Lebanon. The university offers a variety of degree programs ranging from undergraduate to doctoral studies with courses offered across its eight colleges. Its faculty members are composed mostly of Filipino scholars with expertise in their respective fields.

The academic life at Adamson University is highly stimulating with its diverse student body engaging in lively discussions during classes or attending lectures delivered by renowned scholars from around the world who are invited to visit the campus every year. The university also organizes various cultural events such as film screenings and musical performances that help foster an appreciation for art among its students.

In addition to its academic offerings, Adamson University also provides its students with other opportunities outside the classroom such as internships at companies or organizations related to their field of study or research projects conducted under the guidance of faculty members. Furthermore, there are several student organizations within each college which allow students to develop leadership skills while actively participating in activities that promote community-building among peers.

The success stories which have come out from Adamson University are proof that it has been able to provide an environment where individuals can reach their full potentials through hard work and dedication. Through its commitment towards providing quality education amidst an atmosphere conducive for learning and personal growth, it continues to be one of the leading universities in the country today.

Adamson University