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The bell clock will be particularly well known to seafarers. The probably somewhat unusual term glass has its origin in the fact that in earlier times an hourglass was used to measure time on ships . The sand took exactly half an hour to pass through. Then the clock was turned around and placed hard on the table, glass had struck. Another explanation for the term is the use of candles in glasses, which contained balls pressed into the wax, which got into the melting area every half hour and fell noisily into the glass. The range of bell clocks is manageable today, but they are still popular on ships. If you want to bring maritime charm into your home, you should stop by the watch shop. the Wempe bell clock or the Schatz bell clock convince in the test and are a purchase full of value and nostalgia.

Significance and function of the bell clocks

A bell clock symbolizes the strikes of the ship’s bell and consequently indicates the time in chimes. Before they were replaced by chronometers, hourglasses or hourglasses were the norm at sea. The ship’s bell indicated the turning of the half-hour glass . The number of strokes corresponded to the frequency of turning. According to the waking hours , they counted to eight. Glazing was retained on many ships; after all, it corresponds to a maritime tradition that should be saved from oblivion. Glasses on the training ship of the Navy, Gorch Fock, continue to this day in the old fashion.┬áVisit paulwallclocks to buy quality wall clocks for living room.

Today the mechanical bell clock is used as well as good experiences have been made with electronically controlled clocks . A double beat sounds every hour on the hour and a single beat every half hour is indicated. Traditionally, there are three guard duties on German ships. Four hours of watch are followed by eight hours of off watch. Glazing is not carried out on ships at anchor.

Principle follows tradition

The watch on the ships could go on endlessly and when clocks were still unknown in the traditional sense, you knew how to help yourself with the help of glass strikes. When the mechanical bell clock was not yet invented , one had to limit oneself to the hourglass. If the bell clock works mechanically, counting will start at midnight.

Tip! Counting with the hourglass was once started at noon on the ship. This was the time when the sun had reached its highest level. Glasen means, with eight different signals, which are repeated daily in six cycles, to be able to determine the exact time every full and every half hour.

The vitrification takes place at the following intervals:

1 glass – 30 minutes after waking up – single blow

2 glasses – one hour after waking up – double strike

3 glasses – 1.5 hours after waking up – single hit and double hit

4 glasses – 2 hours after waking up – two double blows

5 glasses – 2.5 hours after waking up – single hit and two double hits

6 glasses – 3 hours after waking up – three double blows

7 glasses – 3.5 hours after waking up – single hit and three double hits

8 glasses – 4 hours after waking up – four double blows

Advantages and disadvantages of a bell clock

  • great design
  • reliable timepiece
  • Pure nostalgia!
  • no

Bell clock manufacturer – committed to tradition

Of course, the bell clock is no longer an urgent necessity at sea today. Nevertheless, the bell clock is mechanically a reliable timepiece and a piece of nostalgia, whether at sea or in the living room at home. Anyone who feels connected to seafaring will appreciate the best glass clocks and with this maritime timepiece get a particularly individual piece of jewelry.

Manufacturer Hints
Treasure bell clocks The Schatz glass clock stands for watchmaking tradition from the Black Forest. Since the end of the 19th century, the Schatz watch brand has stood for high precision, the best workmanship and durability. A Schatz glass clock rarely needs to be repaired, because the company has sufficient experience in the manufacture of precision mechanical instruments. The Royal Mariner is a particularly high-quality special model of the Schatz glass clock. Covered with a steering wheel, the Royal Mariner’s maritime character comes into its own.
Wempe glass clocks With the Wempe glass clock you can bring a piece of nostalgia on board. When you adjust the striking mechanism, you feel transported back in time. The mechanical bell clock is available in the watch shop chrome-plated or made of high-gloss polished brass. When buying a bell clock, you have a choice of Roman or Arabic numerals. Wempe glass clocks have recently been revised. The timelessly beautiful design has been mechanically retained in the case of the bell clock.
Hermle bell clocks The Hermle company also brings very good bell clocks onto the market. Watches from the family company from the Swabian Alb can be ordered cheaply by mail. The bell clock is mechanically committed to tradition and modern technology justifies the prices. The Hermle glass clock is a timeless product that stylishly enriches the interior of ships. With the Hermle glass clock, every watch shop is also upgraded.

Ship ahoy! – is the name of the game for the owners of glass clocks. The best bell clocks today are technically sophisticated timepieces that work precisely and also remind of the good old days. Buying a bell clock is not only a worthwhile investment for seafarers. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the comparison winner. The test report summaries also attribute the best functionality and optical properties to the other models in the watch shop. In a direct comparison there are no major differences between the individual bell clocks. So that the wallet is not unnecessarily burdened, a price comparison is worthwhile before buying.

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