Brotherly Love in Dictionary

Brotherly love refers to the affection that exists between siblings that extends to the other members of the family, including the most appreciated friends.

Love is a feeling of affection and universal affection, and fraternal refers to what is typical of brothers. It originates from gratitude, recognition and family life.

However, when mentioning fraternal love is also included all those people who, although they are not our blood brothers, in one way or another we consider them that way because of the relationship of friendship and affection that exists.

Brotherly love implies a set of feelings and actions that occur in a selfless way and are shared with all those individuals around us.

That is why it is considered as the love that all human beings should have equally, especially if we remember that we are all children of God.

This love must be taken care of, cultivated and promoted as an important aspect of life. Brotherly love generates a set of feelings that invite you to take care of each other, be attentive to what happens to our brother or friend to provide the help you need.

Hence, fraternal love fosters such noble feelings as affection, respect, humility, trust, esteem, loyalty, compassion, among others.

For example, between brothers or friends, people take care of themselves and, in case of danger, protect themselves and help themselves, regardless of the risk this may entail.

Another example may be that brothers always support each other and even recognize their needs because they are reflected in each other, have grown up in the same home, educated by the same people and, generally, shared the same experiences, That’s why they know when they are well and when they are not.

The Christian religion fosters fraternal love among others. For the Christian faith, brotherly love is a spiritual bond that unites people beyond the faith that is practiced.