Casual Bedroom

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According to necessaryhome, casual bedroom is an open-minded, fun-loving person who feels most comfortable in a playful living environment. Lively colors and fabrics characterize its rooms. He doesn’t care about fashion trends, he rather lives the moment and mixes different styles in a childlike and carefree manner in order to create exactly the cheerful ambience that expresses his joie de vivre in a graphic way, while he does not take himself and things too seriously.

Combination options for the casual living and furnishing style:

Whatever you like is generally allowed, wild mixtures should be avoided. Particular attention should be paid to harmonious coordination when choosing colors.

Combination options for the casual living and furnishing style:

With elements of the casual style, happy accents can be set in the businesslike, sober ambience of the modern style . A harmonious combination is also possible with the foreign-inspired style , as both living styles have an affinity for strong colors and lively patterns.

Color choice:

The colors in the casual living and furnishing style are cheerful, strong and ensure a lively ambience.

Warm colors such as fuchsia, aubergine, red or orange are suitable. In addition, strong colors such as turquoise, petrol, anise green or pistachio green go well. Powerful color combinations and strong contrasts such as lemon yellow with violet, petrol with anise green or aubergine with orange.

Wall design:

Small wall surfaces can be optimally staged with unusual wallpapers. Impressive motif wallpapers, wallpapers with large, colorful flowers or crocodile leather effect wallpapers in Indian pink, orange or turquoise are suitable for this.

With a wall design with color, one wall or two walls can be highlighted with a solid paint in a lively color.

The room can be made to “vibrate” with strong stripes that have a perspective effect.

Floor design:

The design of the floors should be warm and have a good mood factor. Colorful carpets, PVC coverings and carpets with unusual patterns or cozy parquet floors are suitable for this.

Material selection:

Suitable materials for the casual furnishing style include ceramics, plexiglass, glass, lacquer and generally modern materials that should always have strong colors.

Fabric selection:

For example, shiny textiles such as lamé or lurex, brightly colored boiled wool, velvet, soft microfiber or synthetic fur are suitable as fabrics for the casual style. Patchwork as well as fabrics in pop style, with dots or with cheerful patterns also go very well.

Furniture selection:

Furniture painted in bold colors, trendy lacquered furniture, refurbished old furniture and furniture with a round shape that is free of any aggressive charisma go well with the casual living style. Suitable pieces of furniture are, for example, comfortable large-format sofas, nested tables or chairs that are equipped with different colored covers.

Matching home accessories:

In the casual style of home accessories, the focus is on fun, with a gaudy mix. These include various pillows in a wild mix (colors, materials and shapes), colorful glass vases, fairy lights, ball lamps, different picture frames arranged on a wall, stickers, colorful bouquets of roses and cheerfully colored bedclothes, tablecloths or placemats.

Matching room fragrances:

The special effect of the casual style can be emphasized by warm, restrained fragrances that evoke memories of childhood: caramel, chocolate, vanilla, cotton candy.

Casual Bedroom