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What is Chancre?

Chancre, also known as chancroid or soft chancre, is an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) that consists of an acute, specific and contagious ulceration caused by the bacteria Haemophilus Ducreyi, generally located on the genitals and in the groin.

Chancre is a consequence of a primary injury to syphilis, which occurs through vaginal, anal, or oral intercourse with an infected person. In men, it manifests itself in the penis and scrotum, while in women the initial injury is internal, specifically in the cervix and vulva.

Incubation takes two to five days after infection, and the lesion appears where the bacteria penetrated, usually the skin overlying the penis. The lesion has the appearance of a blister, round in appearance, reddish in color and produces a lot of pain, since its surroundings become inflamed, with the presence of a purulent discharge.

On the other hand, syphilitic chancre, also known as hard chancre, is an initial lesion of syphilis; It occurs in the genitals, but also in the anus, on the lips or pharynx. It presents the same characteristic and evolution of the soft chancre.

Chancroid or chancroid disease affects all individuals who are sexually active, although it is more common in men, especially those who do not have circumcision. The probability of contagion is higher for those who have sexual relations and do not have personal hygiene habits after sexual acts.

Regarding the prevention of chancre, it is important to use condoms and maintain hygiene in the genitals after sexual intercourse.

Once infected, the treatment of chancre is based on antibiotics until the lesions disappear, for example: azithromycin, ciprofloxacin, tetracycline, erythromycin, among others.

Etimológicamente, the term chancre of French origin chancre , which in turn is derived from the Latin cancer meaning ‘crab’.

Chancre symptoms

  • The first symptoms are headaches, fever and weakness, which appear between two and fifteen days after infection.
  • Small, painful, pus-like wounds appear on the genitals, progressively increasing in size and depth. Also, other lesions sprout around the first ones.
  • After two weeks, there is an ulcer or lump that arises in the groin, which ends up secreting through the skin. Failure to comply with a treatment, can be complicated by infecting the groin nodes, and, after ten days, they become inflamed, harden and cause pain.
  • The wound is not always visible, but it causes pain during intercourse and in evacuation.

What is Chancre