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What is Chat?

The term chat refers to a type of digital communication that occurs through the Internet network between two or more people or users. Chat communication can be carried out either by text message, video call or audio chat.

The word chat is an Anglo-Saxon term that is derived from chatter, an English term that means “conversation or talk.”

Now, due to the great use of the word chat in the Spanish language, the verb chat has even been generated, which indicates the action of being a participant, as a user, in a chat, whether public or private.

For example “This afternoon after lunch I am going to chat with my friend who lives in Lima.” “Every night before bed I chat with my best friend.”

Chat, as a means of communication, has been one of the great advances in information and communication technologies that has made millions of people communicate instantly regardless of distances or time differences.

The chats are conversations that are carried out instantly thanks to the use of software connected to an Internet network and are distinguished by being public chats, conversation groups in which anyone can participate or, private chats, which can only participate authorized users.

The primary objective of chats is to get people to communicate and exchange information instantly no matter where they are located, thus shortening the barriers of distance and time in a much more economical way.

The chats were created as a communication and information exchange channel, especially today, where people constantly connect to networks to stay up to date on what is happening in the world and to acquire or share information.

Starting from this scoop, there are various groups of chats that have been created for different purposes depending on the topics they address.

For example, there are groups of chats in which people can share recipes, information about food, cooking tutorials, as well as there may be groups of chats that are exclusively for political debate, ETC.

In these groups of chats people usually exchange information, videos, audios, images, files and other types of content that is useful for all those who are part of the group.

However, it is of utmost importance to be careful when participating in a chat, especially if it is public, since many times users use pseudonyms and not their real names and they can even share false information.

Therefore, the supervision of parents or guardians is important when a minor participates in chat groups, in this way even major accidents can be avoided.

Now, there are different types of chats, among them the most widely used are: instant messaging servers or WebChat, chats designed to meet people or find a partner, corporate chats, university chats, IRC ( Internet Realy Chat ) protocol chats , which only they can be used if the program is downloaded, among others.

However, it is also important to mention the chats that have been created by some social networks such as Facebook or applications such as WhatsApp, which are channels of exchange of information of high use by users and that allow exchanging text messages or making video calls.

What is Chat