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What is Chef?

Chef is used to refer to a professional cook who usually occupies the position as chef . Chef is a French word that means leader, head or “the one in charge”.

It is speculated that the word chef has been introduced to other languages ​​to mean only “main chef” due to the internationalization of French cuisine from the last decades of the 20th century with “nouvelle cuisine” (new cuisine).

In gastronomy, there are several types of chefs depending on the chef’s specialization in some type of technique or cuisine, including:

  • Regional food chef: specialized in food from a single region, for example, Yucatecan regional food.
  • International food chef: they are dedicated to creating signature dishes using diverse knowledge.
  • Fusion food chef: combines techniques and ingredients from different regions, such as from the east to the west.
  • Pastry, patissieror patissier chef: dedicated to the techniques and recipes of cakes, desserts and generally everything that is sweet.

Duties of a chef

In addition to culinary knowledge, a chef or chef needs various skills to best manage time, space, resources and diners to create a memorable meal.

In professional kitchens there are several chefs. The functions will depend on the structure of the place where you work, some of them being the following:

  • Executive Chef: He is the head of the kitchen. Some of its functions are: control over food production, human resource management, time management, menu planning, etc.
  • Subchef: is the chef de chef’s right arm. You must organize the work team.
  • Seasonal or partie chef: is the chef who will handle a specific order.

What is Chef