Clandestine Love in Dictionary

Clandestine love is called relationships that are forbidden for some reason but, which are also carried out in secret from others.

There are many people who live in the shadow of a clandestine love due to various circumstances, so they must hide their feelings and go unnoticed by the eyes of family, friends, coworkers, among others.

However, it is precisely that prohibition that causes a clandestine love to encourage the couple in love to act in an excessive manner and respond to different challenges to those who in another situation would not act.

Hence, clandestine love is characterized by having an uncertain future, is considered dangerous, experiences the fear of being discovered and generates the imposition of prohibitions and punishments in some cases.

However, clandestine love is not something new, since poets and writers in ancient times were inspired and made mention of this type of romance and its consequences in their stories, just as William Shakespeare did in his work Romeo and Juliet.

Examples of clandestine love

There are different examples of clandestine love depending on the circumstances and the contexts in which it operates. However, these relationships do not cease to exist because, precisely the prohibition is the engine that drives them to face those who oppose.

As a first example we can mention the relationship between young adolescents in which parents are opposed to their daughters or sons having a partner for various reasons, among which the need to give priority to studies is highlighted.

Extramarital relationships are also considered as a clandestine love, that is, those that lead to infidelity, either by the man or the woman, in which romance must be secret.

On the other hand, there are many public figures such as actors, actresses, athletes, musicians, program presenters, among others, who also choose to have a clandestine love in order to protect their private lives.

Likewise, another example of clandestine love is that which is given among relatives, usually cousins. This commitment is criticized and poorly seen by family members, for the fact of sharing a consanguinity trait.

Consequences of clandestine love

Clandestine love, as already mentioned, is driven by desire and the great motivation generated by the prohibition of love, so that people are able to overcome various obstacles and face any authority.

However, there are few clandestine loves that end with a happy ending since, generally, these circumstances imply the need to act in a hidden, impulsive way and consider the fact of having a parallel life in order to regulate the secrecy of the relationship.

Therefore, clandestine love is rarely lasting and, sometimes, it is a relationship that is motivated by the need to overcome the challenge and obstacles rather than, by love itself, which can even be considered as a feelings game.