Collaboration in Dictionary

Even Latin you have to leave in order to find the etymological origin of the term collaboration, which we are now going to analyze in depth. Specifically, it is made up of the following Latin lexical components: the prefix “with”, which is equivalent to “together”; the verb “laborare”, which can be translated as “work”, and the suffix “-ción”, which is synonymous with “action and effect”.

Collaboration is the action and effect of collaborating. This verb refers to working together with another or other people to carry out a work. For example: “Thanks to the collaboration of the attendees, the charity dinner has raised more than twenty thousand pesos”, “Can I ask for your collaboration? I need to use this machine and I don’t know how to do it ”, “ I would never have been able to push the truck without the cooperation of the police ”.

Collaboration, therefore, is an aid that is given so that someone can achieve something that, otherwise, they could not have done or would have cost more. In this sense, you can collaborate with an old woman who needs to climb a ladder or with a blind person who has to cross the street.

Within the field of music, it is common to also use the term collaboration that now concerns us. Specifically, it is often used to refer to a singer launching a composition that is performed in duet with another artist.

Throughout history, many are the professionals of the song who have resorted to collaborations to give greater relevance to their album or simply to give greater recognition to one of their compositions. Examples of highly successful musical collaborations have been Beyoncé with Lady Gaga for the song “Telephone”; that of Marta Sánchez with Andrea Bocelli for “Vivo por ella”; that of Alejandro Sanz with Shakira for “La Torture” or that of Michael Jackson and Van Halen for “Beat it”.

A collaboration can also be a disinterested financial contribution. You can collaborate in different ways with all kinds of charitable causes (buying a raffle, sponsoring a non-profit institution, etc.).

In the journalistic field, collaboration is known as the usual work carried out by an editor in a newspaper or magazine, without belonging to the permanent staff: “In this issue, a new collaboration by Jorge Ministore, who reveals to us the economic changes that they come ”, “ I still haven’t received the contributions from the previous month ”, “ This boy was a collaborator of La Prensa and El Mundo ”.

Likewise, in the television medium, the use of the term collaborator has also grown in recent years. This is used to refer to that individual who participates assiduously in a program, not as a presenter but simply by contributing their ideas or knowledge on certain topics that are addressed in the aforementioned space.

The collaborative software is a set of computer programs that allow many concurrent users working on the same project. This type of software works over a network (either the Internet or an internal network).