Connection in Dictionary

Connection in Dictionary

A connection (from the Latin connexĭo) is a link or a tie that unites one thing with another. The term names the action and effect of connecting (joining, linking, establishing relationships).

Connections can be physical or symbolic. The concept is used to name the union of ideas or interests and to designate friendships. For example: “I’m going to try to get you a job at the Ministry of the Economy: I have an important connection there”, “Juan has connections at the club since he goes to the gym every afternoon”, “I think there is a very strong connection between us. that cannot be denied ”.

Within the audiovisual field, we should highlight that on Spanish television a program is broadcast with enormous success that uses the word we are analyzing in its title. It is about “Samanta Connection”.

According to, Samanta Villar is the presenter of this space that comes to get closer to the life of many people, both famous and ordinary, who, for one reason or another, carry out a most unique, special or important job.. Thus, for example, in addition to accompanying song figures such as singer Miguel Bosé in their day-to-day lives, this media professional has also spent entire days with police or health professionals who carry out their work in the emergency area.

All this without forgetting either that in the cinema there is a very famous film that also uses the term at hand. It’s about “Tequila Connection.”

Robert Towne was the one who, in 1988, went behind the cameras to bring this film to the big screen, starring Mel Gibson and Michelle Pfeiffer, which revolves around the figure of a policeman who has a complicated traffic case ahead of him. of drugs.

In the same way, at a colloquial level the term connection is widely used in various fields and specifically in love. Thus, for example, it is often said that there is a “connection” between two people when they have points in common and their ways of being seem to be that they can lead them to start a relationship.

The term is very frequent in telecommunications and in computing. A connection is a link between a sender and a receiver through which a message is sent. The characteristics of the connection depend on the type of link: there are connections between computers via ADSL, cable modem, internal networks, etc.: “I had connection problems and I couldn’t send you the file”, “I want to download a movie but the connection of this computer it is very slow ”.

In the computer field, the connection can have different speeds depending on the technical characteristics. It is not the same to connect to the Internet through a telephone line than through an ADSL line. These considerations, of course, do not make sense in other uses of the term (as in the case of connections to refer to contacts or friends).

For geometry, a connection is a way of specifying covariant differentiation on a differentiable manifold.

Connection in Dictionary