Contemplate in Dictionary

Before entering fully into the meaning of the term contemplate, it is necessary to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a word that derives from Latin, exactly from the verb “contemplari”, which can be translated as “looking carefully at a specific space”. Likewise, it must be stated that this is the result of the sum of two delimited components:
-The prefix “with”, which is equivalent to “together”.
-The noun “templum”, which means “temple” or “sacred place from which to contemplate the sky”.

Contemplate is a verb that refers to observing or considering something. The concept usually refers to focusing attention on an issue, which can be spiritual or physical.

For example: “I like to contemplate the sea for hours”, “The new work of the artist can be seen from different angles thanks to its strategic location in the center of the exhibition hall”, “We should consider other options before making a decision ”.

If a person stops to look at the landscape, it can be said that he is contemplating the environment. That is what a subject does when he observes the ocean from the beach or when he reaches a viewpoint on a mountain, to name two possibilities. The idea of ​​contemplating is linked to looking calmly, paying attention.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that there are many people who enjoy watching birds. We can even say that there are those who choose their destinations when they travel knowing that what they want is to choose those where they can see spectacular birds in their natural habitats.

Among the benefits of carrying out this activity are discovering the beauty of these animals, knowing more about their appearance and their ways of life, as well as contemplating the richness of the environment of a place. That without overlooking either that contributes to relax, to disconnect from the routine and to learn the value of what Nature is.

In the same way, there are many people who enjoy going to museums to see works of art. They do it because, according to different studies, in addition to enjoying this discipline, they relax, stimulate the blood flow in their brains, enjoy different emotions by admiring them and trying to analyze them…

Contemplating also implies keeping in mind some data or detail. Suppose that the owner of a company meets with his work team to analyze how to reduce costs, since the activity of the company is in deficit. Your advisers, after analyzing various issues, suggest that you consider different alternatives: lay off employees, save energy, move the company to a smaller building, etc.

In the context of religion, contemplation involves remaining silent and trying to achieve detachment from emotions and thoughts in order to consecrate oneself to God. Contemplation, in this case, is associated with meditation : its objective is to control the body to achieve enlightenment of the soul and, in this way, achieve an approach to divinity.