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The cuckoo clock, along with the Bollerhut and cherry cake, is one of the figureheads of the Black Forest holiday region. A Black Forest cuckoo clock is a popular souvenir and at the same time an export hit all over the world. When the cuckoo appears every hour, it’s not just children who are delighted and nobody speaks of kitsch, because these clocks are small works of art , which of course also have their price. Generally speaking, cuckoo clocks are wall clocks that are equipped with a mechanical pendulum mechanism, a striking mechanism and a chain hoist. Over time, a pitched roof has established itself as the housing shape. Elaborate carvings also characterize very good cuckoo clocks. The heart of every cuckoo clock, however, is the cuckoo itself. It pops out every full hour and lets out a call that varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The range also includes clocks with additional movable elements. Many originals from the Black Forest are available in the watch shop. Manufacturers of cuckoo clocks were also able to establish themselves in the Harz region.

How cuckoo clocks work

The classic cuckoo clock is based on a common percussion clock mechanism. A special feature is the “bird perch”. This swivel device is necessary to bring the cuckoo into position and to move it through the flap of the clock, or to make it disappear again. The call of the cuckoo is triggered by two different variants . The first cuckoo clocks in history were controlled by a lock disc. Visit paulwallclocks to buy quality wall clock for kids.

Today, however, this variant is uncommon and, on the other hand, the combination of release lever and step wheel is used. No impact can be triggered while the weight is moving down on the chain hoist. The lock only releases when the pointer is in the “twelve o’clock position” and the striking mechanism can be triggered after the lock has been released . If the watches have additional movable elements, an additional striking mechanism can also be used.

The cuckoo clock and its history

Where and when the first cuckoo clock was used remains hidden in history. August the Strong is said to have owned one of the first cuckoo clocks around 1620. The mechanism of the cuckoo clock had been known since 1669. At that time, Domenico Martinelli suggested using the cuckoo call to display the hour. The first Black Forest cuckoo clock was probably made in the late 18th century. Among the first manufacturers of cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest were the Herr brothers, who made hand-carved wall clocks near Triberg around 1830. The design of a trainman’s hut, which is still characteristic today, comes from a design by architect Friedrich Eisenlohr from the mid-19th century. Today the cuckoo clocks from classic to modern are on the market. If the cuckoo clock is modern, then it can be clocks in classic white or the clocks appear colorful and also ensure joy and admiration in the children’s room.

The cuckoo clock goes beyond the scope

Anyone who spends their vacation near Wiesbaden in the Black Forest will have the opportunity to visit the largest cuckoo clock in the world. This can be found in the Eble watch park not far from Triberg. This Black Forest cuckoo clock exceeds all common dimensions and the manufacturers have developed the giant cuckoo clock on a scale of 1:60. Not far from Schonach is the predecessor of the world’s largest cuckoo clock, which is 50 times larger than a conventional cuckoo clock.

Tip: Cuckoo clocks are also built in Gernrode in the Harz Mountains and an oversized example can also be viewed here. The 14.5 meter high clock is the largest cuckoo clock outside of the Black Forest.

The characteristics of the cuckoo clock

Experience has shown that the cuckoo alone does not make a cuckoo clock original from the Black Forest. Even if different models are on offer and the cuckoo clock is modern, certain features distinguish the clocks from the Black Forest.

In the test we noticed some typical features:

  • Pendulum
  • Chain hoist
  • Percussion
  • Housing in the form of a trainman’s house
  • elaborate carvings
  • Cuckoo and often other moving figures

If you want to buy a cuckoo clock, you should opt for clocks with a mechanical movement. The best cuckoo clocks are primarily based on the original Black Forest clocks of the past. Test report summaries are also positive for cuckoo clocks with quartz movements , but these clocks can appear modern and come in white instead of natural wood. This is of course a matter of taste, but first and foremost a cuckoo clock is also a piece of tradition. The manufacturers also remember this and in the shop it is usually the traditional watches that are convincing. Most manufacturers consider the range of modern cuckoo clocks to be manageable.

The cuckoo as the heart of every Black Forest clock

What would a cuckoo clock be without a cuckoo? The unmistakable design inspires every child and has carried the reputation of the Black Forest into the world. The cuckoo is mostly hand-carved, elaborately worked and, on some models, also has movable wings. With quartz cuckoo clocks the tradition of the cuckoo call is granted, but the call itself comes “off the tape”.

Tip! With various Black Forest clocks, it is not just the call of the cuckoo. So you can order clocks in the mail order that bring a built-in musical mechanism. Well-known German folk songs are usually played on the hour. Cuckoo clocks with a musical mechanism can be recognized by the third weight.

Cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest – perfect craftsmanship

Each cuckoo clock is a small work of art and is elaborately handcrafted. The selection of original Black Forest clocks is large and an original from the Black Forest can appear traditional or modern. The only thing that counts here is your own taste and furnishing style. A traditional cuckoo clock goes best with a rustic interior or with country-style living .

The variants of cuckoo clocks at a glance:

variant Hints
Chalet clocks · expensive,· moving figures,

· Wood shingles,

· Bell tower

· no

Shield clocks · hand painted,· Wooden hands,

· no musical mechanism

Antique replicas · Train house shape,· elaborately carved

· moving figures

· no

Carved clocks · many details (e.g. leaves, wild motifs, birds),· Wooden cuckoo

· often very expensive

Modern clocks · simple form of housing and cuckoo,· White, red and black predominant colors

· only produced in small numbers

Cuckoo clocks are the flagship of the Black Forest. The cuckoo is inextricably linked with these clocks. Buying a cuckoo clock is primarily a decision of your own taste. The best cuckoo clocks are those that please and appeal in terms of shape and design. The prices vary with the effort for construction and processing . A comparison can be helpful in order to keep up with the times with a cuckoo clock in the traditional way.

Cuckoo Clocks