Domain in Dictionary

From the Latin dominĭum, domain is the faculty or ability that a person has to control others or to make use of their own. The concept can be associated with power or authority.

For example: “The computer is part of my domains in this house”, “Ricardo has already lost control over his son”, “The government seeks to recover control over the southern region of the country”.

Domain also refers to a certain structure or organization of topics or knowledge; to the physical or symbolic environment of a discipline; to exhaustive knowledge regarding an art or a science; and to the territorial unit that is under the control of a State: “The domain of poetry in the literary field of the country is undeniable”, “After the war, the Ottoman Empire managed to extend its domains”, “My command of English is almost perfect after ten years of study.

In the field of law, ownership is related to property rights, which is the power that an individual has over a property immediately and directly. Thanks to this property, the owner of the domain can dispose of what is his in the way he wishes, having as a limitation only what is stipulated by current legislation. According to Abbreviationfinder, DM stands for Domain Manager.

With respect to this meaning of the term that concerns us, it must be emphasized that there are two clearly differentiated types of domains, based on what the subject that has them is. So, first of all, we would have to talk about the public domain. With it, what is expressed is that a property, both rights and goods in particular, is intended for what is the use of the entire community.

Thus, for example, we can determine that a path or highway can be in the public domain, as can happen with a Town Hall or a hospital that is of this aforementioned nature.

The second type of domain that we want to make clear is the so-called private domain. In this case, it is defined as the right that a specific group has over a property or a specific good and not the entire community. In this way, we can determine that a company or a parcel may be private domain.

However, although these two are the most frequent forms of ownership, we cannot ignore the fact that there are others such as private, corporate or immovable.

It is known as an Internet domain, on the other hand, to the name of a computer related to a numerical IP address. This domain allows various nodes to be linked so that their identification is easier: “I have to renew the domain of my company’s website”.

In this sense, it should also be added that among the most important domains that exist worldwide are the, which is used for different web pages;.is that it is directly associated with Spain;.ar which is for Argentina;.org which is for organizations of various kinds; which is used for education-related issues.