Filial Love in Dictionary

Filial love brings together the affections that exist between parents and children, and that extends to other relatives as brothers, as well as between grandparents and grandchildren.

This type of love is categorized as familiar because it refers to those feelings of affection and attachment that is generated among the members of a family and that are characterized by being strong and unwavering.

Filial love must be cultivated, cared for, respected and valued. It is important to remember that the love a father or mother feels towards a child is unique, pure, immeasurable and unalterable. In the same way it happens between children and parents.

Filial love is unwavering and lasting over the years without losing intensity, beyond the circumstances.

For example, a mother always sees her children as her greatest treasures in life and for them they are able to give everything beyond the sacrifice that implies.

However, throughout life there can be an endless number of circumstances that negatively affect this feeling. Human beings are unique individuals, many physical and personal characteristics can be shared, but no two people are exactly alike.

Consequently, it is common to generate disagreements on many occasions between people, some of these, even, very negatively affect the relationship between the members of a family and the distances for long periods.

Filial love can be neglected by the distances and disagreements that, in many cases, especially if they happened many years ago, people do not remember why they do not share a birthday, Christmas or holiday with their family.

For example, in a discussion between father and son because he did not want to study a career in order to family businesses and, on the contrary, he dedicated himself to social and missionary work.

Due to the lack of understanding and support between both parties, the son distances himself and does not see or call them for a long time until he learns that his father is seriously ill and returns to his parents’ house to give them all the help they need.

As you can see, human relationships are not easy and often seem impossible. However, it is important to base filial love beyond differences and setbacks.

Filial love must be cultivated and cared for, it is one of the purest and most unchanging loves that can be felt.

Below is a segment of the poem Amor filial by Amado Nervo:

“I adore my dear mother,

I adore my father too;

None love me in life

as they know how to love me

If I sleep; they watch over my dream;

if I cry, they are both sad;

If I laugh his face is smiling:

My laugh is for them the sun… ”(Beloved Nervo).