Generosity in Dictionary

Generosity is a value that gives the generous person a personality of surrender to others what they have, and sometimes even what they do not have, without expecting anything in return, in an honest and open way. Here are ten examples of generosity that you can find in society:

1. Act in times of emergency

When emergency situations occur and people help without expecting anything in return, such as firefighters, they are a good example of generosity. Emergencies are unpredictable and need the support of people immediately. Generosity is reflected in the time and urgency that these groups of people deliver to help strangers.

2. Volunteer

Collaboration in social activities to help the community where only time and individual effort is invested is one of the ways in which generosity is found. Belonging to or participating in solidarity groups as volunteers helps to know other realities and share the value of generosity with others who are also willing to help by delivering their intangible help.

3. Share with others

Generous people share small things so that others feel better without anyone asking. They offer small gestures of love sharing food or clothing, for example, on their own initiative.

4. Make small donations

Generosity is characterized not by the amount that is given but by the quality of what is given. Small donations are examples of generosity, since they are signs of affection and concern about some cause where it is known that what is delivered is little but it is a gesture that can mean a difference for those who give nothing.

5. Help the needy

Generosity can be found in acts of help for and with those most in need in society, such as the disabled and the elderly. The inclusion of these groups in society with a small visit or smile is a symbol of generosity, since, for them it means a lot despite the fact that for society it may mean nothing.

6. Donate blood

Blood donation is a generous act because it can save a life with a simple act that only takes a fraction of a person’s time. The donation of blood for the creation of blood banks in public hospitals is a gesture of generosity that can mean life or death for a stranger.

7. Take care of the environment

Caring for the environment through small acts is an example of generosity with the environment we live in. It is called generosity because there is no social requirement to collect garbage, recycle or create environmental awareness with our intimate circle but it is done anyway giving effort and time.

8. Share with the homeless

The inclusion and help with the most basic needs of the homeless is an example of generosity. Delivering to those who did not have the same opportunities as those who have a home is a symbol of solidarity and empathy. It is a small gesture that generates a feeling of belonging to those who have nothing.

9. Participate in support groups

The participation of support groups helps improve social coexistence and create greater diversity. It is an example of diversity because, although support is not needed, the person is involved in those who need it by facilitating social inclusion.

10. Donate items

The donation of objects that we no longer use and that can make a big difference for others is an act of simple generosity that can usually be done. The large number of things that we no longer use and sometimes end up in the trash can be donated to associations that will classify and allocate objects for solidarity causes. The generosity is in the small acts that require a minimum of effort and time and that will make a big difference for others.