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Grandfather clocks are by no means OUT, but still absolutely IN and in great demand. With their very own charm, these special clocks bring a wonderfully cozy atmosphere to every room. You have the choice whether you opt for a modern grandfather clock or perhaps an antique grandfather clock . The selection of both variants is still enormous today, so that it shouldn’t be a problem for fans of grandfather clocks to choose a suitable model. Visit paulwallclocks to buy quality wall clocks.

Why buy a grandfather clock?

Grandfather clocks are extremely popular because of their appearance. Whether new or old, or an antique grandfather clock: It is its appearance that always inspires you again and again. In addition to the pure decorative effect , it is of course also possible to read the time quickly and easily with a grandfather clock. A modern grandfather clock or an antique grandfather clock is an absolute eye-catcher that is sure to attract everyone’s attention. If there is an antique grandfather clock or a modern grandfather clock in a room, this special clock will quickly become the centerpiece of the room. In addition, thanks to the reliable “striking” of the grandfather clock, it is also possible to know the time when you are not in sight of the clock.

Where is the best place to put a grandfather clock?

A grandfather clock can be set up indoors in almost any room. It does not matter whether it is an antique or a modern clock. However, we strongly advise against setting up a grandfather clock in a damp room, such as in the bathroom or kitchen. The moisture present here otherwise damages the movement and the material from which the grandfather clock is made. In addition, a grandfather clock in the children’s room is probably not a good idea, but the living room or dining room, for example, is ideal for this. A grandfather clock also looks great in the hallway or hallway.

Longcase clocks in many different versions

Grandfather clocks are offered in a wide variety of versions.

Criteria Hints
Material For example, grandfather clocks made of wood, such as oak, are very popular here. In addition to the typical “wood brown”, grandfather clocks are also available in other colors, such as white.
Design You can also opt for grandfather clocks in a wide variety of styles. Whether for example vintage, Wilhelminian style, Art Nouveau or Shabby design: only your own taste decides here. Ideally, however, a grandfather clock is selected that also fits in with the rest of the furnishings. In this way, the grandfather clock creates an even more harmonious overall picture. Furthermore, it is also possible here to opt for a grandfather clock in the form of a wall clock. Such a wall clock is, so to speak, a small kind of grandfather clock, as its appearance is more or less based on such a clock. However, if you do not count yourself among the lovers of the typical ticking of such a clock, a wall clock without ticking is ideal for you.

Grandfather clocks are also offered with a wide variety of features. For example, you can opt for a very simple grandfather clock as well as a grandfather clock with a wide variety of decorations. Whether conventional or Roman clock face, with smaller or larger pendulums: the choice here is enormous.

Grandfather clock manufacturer: which company produces grandfather clocks?

There are still several companies today where beautiful grandfather clocks can be bought. For example, it is possible to choose a Kieninger grandfather clock or a Gustav Becker grandfather clock. A Westminster grandfather clock , for example, is also very popular . Other popular models include a Tempus Fugit grandfather clock and a Hermle grandfather clock.

Where is it possible to buy very good grandfather clocks?

If you want to enjoy your grandfather clock for a long time, you should opt for a high-quality model such as a Tempus Fugit grandfather clock or a Hermle grandfather clock. For example, high-quality grandfather clocks do not need to be repaired so quickly and such a grandfather clock will withstand the proverbial “ravages of time” for a long time. High-quality grandfather clocks can also be bought in retail stores, but you will certainly not find a corresponding store in every city. Because of this, many interested buyers are also starting to look for such a watch in an online shop on the Internet.

Tip! However, ordering a grandfather clock over the web offers several advantages. The range of grandfather clocks on the Internet is very broad and it is also relatively easy to compare the prices of the various clocks online. After all, it is always possible to save a lot by comparing prices. Another positive aspect of ordering a grandfather clock online is that you don’t have to worry about shipping or transporting the grandfather clock. Because the grandfather clocks are simply delivered to your home.

Advantages and disadvantages of a grandfather clock

  • great decoration
  • easy to read
  • available in different sizes
  • less suitable for damp rooms

The best grandfather clocks – which ones are recommended to buy?

Finding the best grandfather clock is not exactly easy, according to general experience. For example, the grandfather clock should be of a certain size, be of high quality and, of course, suit your own taste. Due to the wide range of grandfather clocks, it is often only possible with a lot of patience and a lot of time to decide on a particular grandfather clock. However, it can happen very quickly that some important details are overlooked. If you want to make the purchase of a grandfather clock easier, it makes sense to do a grandfather clock test read through. In such a test the various grandfather clocks are extensively checked. Test report summaries then record the respective information briefly and concisely. Furthermore, there is also a comparison winner. That is of course the grandfather clock that is being tested performed best and thus really deserved first place. However, if you don’t like this grandfather clock, then the other grandfather clocks that have made it to the top ranks are also worth buying. So it is much easier and not so nerve- wracking to get a suitable grandfather clock . Once the selected grandfather clock is in your own four walls, you will certainly not want to miss it again. A grandfather clock is a very special clock that makes every room something very special.

Grandfather Clocks