Harassment in Dictionary

When one person harasses, persecutes, or annoys another, they are engaging in some form of harassment. The verb harass refers to an action or conduct that involves generating discomfort or disagreement in the other. For example: “I will not tolerate harassment: tomorrow I will present my resignation”, “The singer went out the back door to avoid harassment by journalists”, “The harassment of neighbors is very annoying to me. ”

Harassment can occur in different settings and in the most diverse ways. If it is carried out by an individual who intends to abuse his power or his hierarchical position to become sexually intimate with another person, there is talk of sexual harassment.

In this dictionary of Digopaul, the harasser seeks to intimidate or pressure the harassed into agreeing to have some kind of intimate relationship. Bullying can be carried out through obscene comments, innuendo, or physical contact.

Starting from that type of sexual harassment, we have to say that there is a film that addresses it clearly and forcefully. This is the American feature film “Harassment”, released in 1994 under the direction of Barry Levinson, which stars Demi Moore and Michael Douglas.

The story he tells is that of a large company worker who is accused by an executive of sexual harassment. This is his boss and what he will try to demonstrate at all times is that it was she who proceeded to commit that crime against him.

The bullying, meanwhile, takes place in an educational institution and contemplates an abuse of a student. This harassment, which is also known by the English concept of bullying, can include physical violence, teasing, humiliation and any other component that affects the emotional state and integrity of the student.

Regarding this type of harassment, it should be noted that there are various publications and even movies. In this case, we can highlight, for example, the feature film “Harassment in the classroom”. In 2005 this American film was released, which brought the filmmaker Marta Coolidge to the big screen.

Sammi Hanratty or Austin Thomas are some of the actors who are part of the cast of this production that tells how Chrissa, an eleven-year-old girl, changes cities with her entire family. This means that you have to change schools and you will come to one where you will continually receive ridicule, criticism and continuous tripping from three classmates. A situation that will become a real nightmare for the girl until she decides to face it.

If the bullying takes place remotely, through the Internet or on the mobile (cellular) phone, it is called cyberbullying. Cyberbullying typically occurs in conjunction with other forms of bullying that involve direct contact. A child, for example, may be disturbed in her schoolyard and, upon arrival at her home, receive a threatening email. Something similar can happen with the secretary who supports her boss’s sexual jokes in the office and on the phone.

Within the category of psychological harassment are all the modalities exposed. And next to them you should also talk about family harassment, real estate harassment and even workplace harassment.