High Heel Sandals in Dictionary

High Heel Sandals in Dictionary

High heel sandals are a sub-form of the basic shoe type sandals. According to PaulFootwear.com, the sandal is one of the oldest shoe shapes in the world and is worn in almost all cultures and by all walks of life. While the traditional sandal as a unisex shoe is worn by both men and women, as well as children, the sandal is considered a shoe for women and girls due to its narrow cut, feminine details and heel and is therefore offered in the shoe sizes customary for women’s shoes .

Light summer shoes with seductive heels

High heel sandals and high heel sandals turn every sandal into a seductive summer shoe that stretches the wearer’s leg and makes a beautiful walk. Thanks to the high heels, the unisex shoe quickly becomes a very feminine part of the wardrobe, which can easily be combined with an evening dress or a trouser suit and conjures up a good figure on both festive and more formal occasions. Sandals can also have a high heel, which is why they differ significantly from sandals; Nevertheless, in this case one continues to speak of sandals, since shoes are divided into high shoes with a heel of six to ten centimeters and high heels from ten centimeters heel height.

Aim high with heels

Under the name high heels, a wide variety of shoe shapes are offered for sale in shoe stores, the common feature of which is a heel height of at least ten centimeters or more. Other features such as shaft height, cut or heel shape can vary. Usually the high heel is worn by women or older girls, less often – for example in the fetish area or among celebrities also by men. While high heels were reserved for very special occasions for a long time, they are now enjoying growing popularity in everyday life and are therefore also worn on less formal or festive occasions. Since high heels are available in a wide variety of variants and designs, the models in shoe stores and online shops are often listed under one name, the one combination of the model name and the paragraph type is, such as the high heel sandals or high heel sandals. In general, shoes with a heel height of ten to 15 centimeters are sold in normal retail under the name of high heels, while other versions of high heels with heels of up to 22.5 centimeters, such as the skyscraper, pony boots or ballet heels, are also sold, especially in the fetish area where the ball of the foot is lifted and the wearer only stands on tiptoe.

Tip! A normal gait is possible for people who are used to walking in high heels up to a height of about 13 centimeters.

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Buy high heel sandals – which heel shape is the right one?

High heel sandals are a very feminine shoe shape and are offered with a wide variety of heel types: Stiletto heels look particularly graceful due to their narrow shape, but they are not suitable for wearing on every floor covering and distribute the weight of the body very unevenly.

Funnel heels are also tasteful and represent a successful link between the narrow stiletto and the chunky-looking block heel. The latter is much more comfortable due to its larger footprint and can also be worn on uneven or wet surfaces. It should be combined accordingly so that the wide paragraphs do not appear too coarse. If these are contrasted in color, for example in bright colors such as red or yellow, they already look like an eye-catcher again.

Sandals with wedge heels are particularly trendy and, like the models with block heels, are more comfortable than stiletto heels because the body weight is distributed more evenly. Hence, they are a great choice when you want to dance in your shoes or walk a lot.

Platform soles can also be worn at high heel height and be up to 16 centimeters or more high. Furthermore, a moderate sole with a plateau is often combined with another type of heel and can therefore only be thickened in certain places. This reduces the distance between the heel and the ball of the foot and makes walking and standing in the shoes easier, as the tension arc is smaller and the holding apparatus is not stressed as much. It is important that the heel should not have too much weight so as not to put too much strain on the foot. It is therefore advisable to use models made of light materials such as cork for coarser heels or to choose articles with hollow heels.

Buy high heel sandals – cheap suppliers and brands

You can find high heel sandals in shoe stores, boutiques, fetish shops and in the online shop. Here you will find models with simple straps , additional ankle straps, various heel shapes and colors. Well-known shoe manufacturers from the medium and low price segment carry the feminine sandals as well as the really great designers. Compare the offers before buying. How to buy cheap high heel sandals without sacrificing quality and style. It gets particularly cheap if you buy models in the sandals sale at the end of the season that have already been reduced.
Popular brands with great offers include the following providers:

  • Laura Scott
  • Tamaris
  • Buffalo
  • Zign
  • Guess Delef
  • S Oliver

Many brands now have an online shop where you can have the items sent to your home by post .

Tip! Here it is advisable to order the high heel sandals on account so that you can easily send them back if you don’t like them.

Advantages and disadvantages of high heel sandals

  • available in different designs and colors
  • can be combined with many outfits
  • only suitable for warm days

The agony of choice – colors and materials

High heel sandals are available in a wide variety of designs, colors and shapes and are therefore suitable for almost every occasion in a warm, dry environment. Models in classic black or brown can be combined with almost any outfit and are usually made of one of the numerous leather variants, such as smooth leather, suede or patent leather. Metallic leather in leather also looks very elegant. Sandals in beige or white appear more gentle, especially if they are decorated with floral patterns or applications. In this case, the shoe goes wonderfully with the trendy romantic look. The number and placement of straps as well as the buckle design can also make a significant contribution to the appearance of the shoe. Almost without exception, narrow straps and buckles are chosen for the high heels, which gently underline the feminine look. Ankle straps ensure a better hold and skilfully draw the viewer’s eye to the ankles and lower legs.

High Heel Sandals in Dictionary