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Timers basically belong in every kitchen: The small, practical devices ensure that you don’t have to keep an eye on the time while frying or cooking . For example, it is possible to pursue a wide variety of other things while the cake is baking or the roast is sizzling in the oven. If the set time is up, the kitchen timer reports with a loud alarm tone that normally cannot be overheard. Accordingly, no food can be forgotten and thus saved from overcooking or burning . Timers are offered in a wide variety of variants.

Timer for the kitchen: is it worth buying?

The purchase of a timer, which is also generally referred to as a kitchen timer or egg timer , is definitely worthwhile. It is also completely secondary whether it is a mechanical short-term timer or a digital short- timer . Many short-term timers in some households eke out a existence as pure egg timers, but the handy devices can easily be used for significantly more things. For example, it is possible to set the timer to the hours or minutes after which the bread can be baked or the main course can be taken out of the oven. Visit paulwallclocks to buy quality small wall clocks.

So it is finally no longer necessary to constantly walk to the stove and oven to check on the food in question. In this way, a wide variety of other things can be done in peace and quiet during the cooking or baking time, until the loud alarm tone informs that it is time to see after the meal. Timers, depending on the model, can easily be placed on a table or on the work surface of the kitchen or, for example , hung on the refrigerator . The latter is possible if the timer is magnetic. Whether you opt for a digital magnet or a timer to put down is up to your own wishes.

Buy timer: large selection

Timers are offered in a very wide range in the trade.

criteria Hints
Functions For example, you not only have the choice between a mechanical timer, but also a digital timer. Both variants do their job equally well. Here it is important to consider before buying whether a mechanical timer is sufficient or whether it should be a digital timer that, depending on the model selected, can also bring additional functions and features. These include:· Date display

· Can be set to 2 times or 3 times instead of just one time

· Adjustable volume

· Time display

Material and design You can also choose between a wide variety of materials, such as plastic or stainless steel. In addition to the usual variants, which are similar to an alarm clock or an egg, there have long been other versions as well. For example, you can find timers in a design that is very funny. Whether in the form of a cat or a rooster: Here you can choose between a wide variety of options. However, this also applies to the variety of colors in the area of ​​the timer. Perhaps you will opt for a classic variant in· Silver,

· White or

· Black?

Of course, you can just as easily use more color and choose a model in red or blue.

Which manufacturers have very good quality timers in their range?

A large number of short-term meters can be found in stores. Whether a digital timer or a model that works analog: Here you have the choice between different, well-known branded products or between models from various no-name companies. For example, Silit timer, WMF timer or short timer from the manufacturer Zassenhaus, whose retro design, as an example, has already won over many interested buyers, are very popular.

Top quality timer: where can you find high quality timer?

High-quality timers are not only offered in various local shops, but also online, in a watch shop. For example, it is just as possible to opt for a timer from Tchibo or Rossmann as well as a timer from a watch shop. While some shops have timers in their range all year round, you can only find them at Lidl and Tchibo, for example, as part of corresponding campaigns. However, many potential buyers of a timepiece are looking for such a practical device on the Internet because you benefit from a very large selection when you order. In addition, it is also possible here to compare the prices of the various short-term meters with one another.

Tip! When making a comparison, you can usually see quite quickly how much can be saved when buying a timer. When comparing prices of, for example, a Silit timer or a WMF timer, it is quite feasible to go easy on your wallet. According to general experience, however, it is also the possibility of ordering around the clock that makes buying on the Internet very attractive. In addition, the timers are shipped quickly here, so that it is possible to hold the practical kitchen helper in your hands within a very short time. And last but not least, the fact that you can order online from the comfort of your own home is a huge factor in the popularity of online purchases.

Advantages and disadvantages of a timer

  • mostly magnetic to attach to the refrigerator
  • ideal for keeping an eye on the remaining time while cooking
  • small and compact
  • not all models show the current time

Who offers the best timer?

If a timer is required, it is often difficult to decide which model to use . After all, the device should generally be of the best quality and also meet your own taste. However, if you are unsure about this, you can also test a timer test before buying a timer for the kitchen. In such a test is not just one, for example Comparison selected, but also the diverse ones winner Test report summaries Comparison winner be read through. Here you can find the relevant information on the various timer models, on the one hand in detail, and on the other hand, summarized very briefly. Of course, the respective prices of the devices can also be easily read here . This makes it much easier to choose a specific timer than if you had to find all the details yourself. The latter is a very tedious and time-consuming affair. Should you, contrary to expectations, not for the heat, then another short-term meter is simply selected, which also received a correspondingly good rating from the testers . So everyone will surely find exactly the timer that they personally wanted here.

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