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Nowadays, many people swear by the gentle awakening of a light alarm clock. It is up to you whether you want to buy a light alarm clock or use the iPhone with the light alarm clock app as such. A relaxed wake-up and a good start to the day are guaranteed with every light alarm clock. Light alarm clocks with an integrated radio clock can act as great travel companions to be gently woken up by a simulated sunrise even on vacation. The light clock is particularly suitable for school-age children, as they can cope with the stressful school day with greater concentration . In any case, it is worthwhile to compare the prices of the individual brands and models before buying. Test report summaries shows the most important criteria for buying a light alarm clock.

Light alarm clock – the function

Daylight alarm clocks from different brands are very similar in their structure. All simulate a sunrise. Shortly before the set alarm time, the light alarm clock begins to cast some light into the dark room . Gradually the intensity increases and the room is lit – like a natural sunrise. Especially in winter, when it is usually dark in the morning, this is a good way to gently wake the body out of sleep. Visit paulwallclocks to buy quality quartz wall clocks.

During the summer, people often use the natural sunrise to get their hormones going. The gentle way of being woken up is far healthier for the body than being suddenly roused from sleep by a high-pitched alarm sound. The simulated sunrise usually lasts 30 minutes, but according to the light alarm clock comparison it can be set individually for many light alarm clocks. Nowadays, many light alarm clocks are already equipped with radio clocks and thus adjust themselves to the current time zone.

Light alarm clock – what to look for when buying

The light alarm clock test has shown that many very good light alarm clocks have some useful additional functions. The alarm clock with light simulates the sunrise in the morning. In addition, some models can also simulate the sunset and thus make it easier to fall asleep. Since you can set the maximum brightness with many daylight alarm clocks, you have to make sure that you really wake up with the set light . To be on the safe side, some alarm clocks with light are also equipped with alarm tones. These range from beeps to nature sounds and adjustable radio stations. Alarm clocks with nature sounds are particularly popular, as they give you the feeling of waking up right in nature. The display of the light clock is usually illuminated. To be able to sleep peacefully at night , the alarm clock should have the function to dim or switch off the lighting. It should also be possible to adjust the volume of the alarm tone, as this should also increase slowly. It makes sense if two or more alarm times can be set on the light alarm clock. This means that no new wake-up time has to be programmed at the weekend.

Light alarm clock – the advantages in a nutshell

A light clock offers many advantages over a normal alarm clock.

Advantages and disadvantages of a light alarm clock

  • falling asleep quickly and peacefully
  • deep sleep phases during the night
  • gentle awakening in the morning
  • Light alarm clock ideally suited for the deaf
  • simulated sunrise
  • with natural sounds for a relaxed start to the day
  • different designs and colors available
  • a comparison of the models is worthwhile
  • not everyone is awakened by the light

Light alarm clock – the Comparison winner

The light alarm clock test has shown that there are very many different manufacturers of alarm clocks with lights.

  • Semper light alarm clock
  • Beurer light alarm clock
  • Medion light alarm clock
  • Medisana light alarm clock

However, a light alarm clock is being tested particularly stood out and thus Comparison winner. The Philips hf3520 light alarm clock not only impresses with its great design, but also scores with functionality. The duration of the sunrise is 20 to 40 minutes and the maximum brightness is 300 LUX. Five color levels, from dawn to daylight, bring the owner particularly gently out of sleep. The radio can be set as the alarm tone, or you can be woken up by great natural sounds. The Davita light alarm clock has proven to be the price-performance winner crystallized out. The sunrise can be set individually between 15 and 120 minutes. A brightness of up to 2500 LUX is guaranteed to get everyone out of their sleep. When choosing the color levels, the Davita light alarm clock does less well, as you can only choose between light yellow and light green with this device. However, it is positive that the alarm clock can be operated with a battery and does not necessarily have to be connected to the power supply. The light alarm clock can therefore be easily transported and used anywhere.

The following table shows the most important functions of the Comparison winner.

Philips hf 3520 Davita light alarm clock Beurer light alarm clock
· 5 color levels· 2 alarm times

· automatic display

· Noble design

· with battery· 2 color levels

· 1 alarm time

· easy handling

· Radio alarm tone· Adjustable lighting

· Cell phone holder

Light alarm clock – buying guide

Today you can find light alarm clocks in the assortment in pretty much every established trade. Stiftung Warentest shows that you can buy light alarm clocks at Media Markt, Saturn and Tchibo. But Aldi and Lidl also have some good brands on offer, such as Semper. Nevertheless, the trend is rather that the light alarm clocks are bought online in the watch shop. Here it is worthwhile to compare the prices between the individual brands . The best light alarm clocks are not necessarily the most expensive. Shipping is free from many online shops. The new light alarm clock is delivered to your home quickly and easily .

Tip! If you decide to order your light alarm clock on the Internet, you should make sure that you get the original brand and do not purchase any replica models. Because this is the only way to guarantee high-quality workmanship. There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to material and color. Leading brands always work with high quality materials. So it is up to you whether you want to purchase a light alarm clock made of metal or brass. The manufacturers are very flexible when it comes to the choice of color, with the dominant color being white.

Light alarm clock – the conclusion

If you want to buy a light alarm clock, you should look around for well-known manufacturers. However, the best light alarm clock does not always have to be the most expensive. The light alarm clock test has shown that cheaper light alarm clocks also guarantee a gentle awakening in the morning. However, these have fewer additional functions than more expensive models . A light alarm clock comparison and the comparison of the prices is worthwhile in any case. If you buy your new light alarm clock in a renowned watch shop, you are guaranteed to have many years of relaxing awakening and a good start to the day.

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