Love at First Sight in Dictionary

Love at first sight refers to a set of subconscious associations made by the brain of an individual and that lead to falling in love.

Love at first sight can be explained in a scientific way rather than sentimental. This is a type of crush that occurs after a process that involves a set of brain structures that are activated when dopamine is secreted.

Consequently, it turns out to be a feeling that can be explained in a scientific way and not only in a sentimental way as experienced, so it can be confirmed that it is a brain process rather than the heart. Do not be confused with platonic love.

When love arises at first sight, people generate different thoughts about what they believe about each other, what they want, even how they look projected into the future. That is, a list of arguments about love that can live with the other person is created.

Many say they have experienced love at first sight when the moment they see a person they feel the following symptoms:

  • They feel butterflies fly in the stomach.
  • You want to get that person’s attention.
  • You usually imagine the rest of life together with that person.
  • The attraction is real.
  • You spend most of the day thinking about that person.

For many specialists, love at first sight is not related to stereotypes or the idealized couple, especially because just by seeing an individual you cannot know their personality or way of thinking, you simply observe the external, the physical and the posture bodily.

Scientists studying this phenomenon explain that it is not a deceit of the brain, but a series of connections that it makes, without the individual being aware of what is happening, which tends to relate features and characteristics of someone with whom You already had a love relationship.

Therefore, many have determined that it also has to do with an inevitable connection of the subconscious and that, for some reason, it reminds us of the positive impact that the couple left, without the person being able to realize it in a conscious and clear way.

Now, the fact of experiencing and living a love at first sight does not mean that it is not lasting because of the way it began and has developed. Love is a feeling that changes over time, its intensity and passion are modified and mature.

In short, love at first sight is real and is very likely to be experienced at any place or time in our life.

Phrases about Love at first sight

Some phrases that identify with love at first sight can be:

  • I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I saw you.
  • Heart, calm down, because we just met a new love.
  • My whole body shook the first time I saw you.
  • Sometimes it happens that what begins as madness becomes the best of your life.
  • When you feel that Cupid has thrown the right arrow at you, that’s love at first sight.
  • Only one look was enough to fall in love.