Love of Couple in Dictionary

The love of a couple is that feeling shared by two people who respect, value and deliver the best of themselves based on the well-being and balance of their relationship.

Therefore, couple love refers to a sentimental relationship in which individuals feel good in sharing their lives and projects with others who give them their support, advise and respect.

Love is a universal feeling that all human beings are able to feel and experience towards another individual, animal or thing.

However, the love of a couple goes beyond feeling butterflies in the stomach, this love involves commitment, understanding and respect for the individual space.

That is to say, love as a couple is a feeling that is built and strengthened over time, hence it differs from love at first sight, from fleeting passions and, even, from the need for dependence.

On the contrary, the love of a couple is based on the sense of recognizing that people are individual beings who need to achieve personal goals and a space in which they share with other loved ones or partners, nobody belongs to anyone.

Therefore, the love of a couple represents rather the consolidation of a mature feeling that knows how to recognize individual needs, which sometimes also leads to some sacrifices depending on the welfare of the loved one.

For example, attend a social event that is not entirely to our liking but, to which we go by the fact of sharing a different moment with our loved one.

However, for the couple’s love to stay alive over time, it is necessary for both people to feel really committed to each other and to be aware of their individualities so that they can support each other in their personal goals.

Couple love is not about dominion over the other, on the contrary, it is a free love that allows us to show ourselves as we are, to make known the positive and the negative, as well as, to value and recognize what the couple does for us .

Unfortunately, the love of a couple is not always true or sincere, this depends on what each person seeks and their purpose. Loving partners that rely on lies, reproaches, dependencies or seek to satisfy a lack, usually end soon.

Characteristics of love of couple

Below are the general characteristics that determine when the couple’s love is in good condition.

  • Mutual respect is practiced.
  • The person gives his best every day.
  • Faults are recognized and sincere apologies are requested.
  • Triumphs are shared and celebrated.
  • The well-being and constant growth of the loved one is sought.
  • The necessary support and help is provided in the event of failure or of going through a difficult time.
  • The opinions and spaces that each one needs as an individual are respected.
  • The sincerity of what is said and felt prevails.
  • Projects and objectives are shared.
  • Values ​​that strengthen love as a couple are shared.