Love with Love is Paid in Dictionary

“Love with love is paid” is a popular saying of current use that evokes the principle of reciprocity in love as the only “currency” of worthy change.

The popular saying settles the idea of love as a supreme value, not interchangeable for any material good, and not subject to any type of blackmail. In that sense, not giving back what has been done for love is considered ingratitude.

This saying supposes that love deserves and needs to be reciprocated in the same way, whether it is the love of a couple or any other form of love, such as that which comes from family ties, friendship or, simply, from Goodwill towards human beings.

It can be used in different ways or in different contexts. For example, to request a show of affection in return for an equally loving initiative.

-How can I reward you for what you have done?

-Love with love is paid.

It can also be a gesture of thanks for a spiritual good received. Another possible use occurs when a person does something good for another in the name of his affection, and wishes to express the sincerity of his motivations. In both cases, the following example works:

-Why did you do this for me?

-Because love with love is paid.

Sometimes it can be used ironically. For example, when a person, after totally surrendering in a loving relationship, is abandoned and takes this abandonment as a pending debt that life has to compensate, either through the punishment of the “dishonest”, or through the reward ( amorous) of the wounded (see song Love with love is paid ).

In Mexico the variant is used: “Love with love is paid, and the rest with money.”

Song Love with love is paid

Love with love is also paid is the title of a song of the ranchera genre, immortalized by Mexicans Jorge Negrete and Pedro Vargas, with lyrics and music by E. Cortázar and M. Esperon.

The theme includes once the saying in its original form, and a second time with a variant that modifies its meaning. Then the text:

Because of you, woman, because of you / this love I offer you wander / you broke it for being insolute / and that is why the sorrow makes me drunk.

You promised that nothing and no one / this love of the two would break / you went door without metal or key / despite the fact that you gave me life.

Love with love is paid, / and one day I will charge you / if today your betrayal will bind me / as a man I will endure.

But walk with a lot of temptation / and see where you are going, / that the wounds I feel / with another you will pay.

Slowly you entered my soul / how a dagger enters the flesh / you broke my life and my calm / but love with love is paid

You will walk through other people’s paths / and you will have much more than me / but the world is full of penalties / and those penalties will be your punishment.