Mattress in Dictionary

The term mattress refers to an element of rectangular shape that is made of elastic or soft materials and that, placed on a support, allows a person to lie down and rest on it. There are mattresses of different sizes and made with various materials.

The first mattresses were covers that were filled with wool, leaves or other organic materials. These pieces had the disadvantage of attracting fleas, mites and other insects. Over the years they emerged air mattresses, the waterbeds, the spring mattresses, the mattresses foam and latex mattresses.

Currently, it is common for the mattress to be placed on a bed or a box spring. The mattress is protected with a sheet for the person to lie down, placing their head on a pillow. To avoid feeling cold, you can cover yourself with blankets or blankets.

The quality of the mattress depends almost exclusively on the well – being of its users, and that is why it is important to choose the most suitable one. We cannot be in good health if we do not sleep the right amount of hours on a comfortable surface, but each person has different needs, given the characteristics of their body, such as the shape of the back and its blood circulation.

Currently there are several types of mattresses that can adapt to the different needs of each one, although they have limitations, and that is why it is important to know them before deciding to buy one or the other. The memory foam mattress, for example, was developed by NASA engineers with the aim of relieving pressure on the body and avoiding muscle tension as much as possible.

The characteristics of the viscoelastic mattress make it ideal for people with muscle problems, chronic pain and even for those who are going through the recovery period from a surgical operation, for example. For patients who must remain prostrate for a long time, there are anti-decubitus mattresses, which are complemented with a multi-position stretcher.

It is important to note that mattresses are not only made for human use, but can also be used for some domestic animals, mainly for dogs and cats. In these cases, they are bought in pet stores, supermarkets or bazaars, and the prices are considerably lower than the others, although some can reach quite high amounts.

The mattress, as a product, is usually expensive, regardless of its type and size. Although there are inexpensive alternatives for tighter pockets, this is an item that is purchased once every several years, and this low frequency is what manufacturers try to compensate with prices.

In some cities, especially the more advanced ones, it is customary to leave all those products that are no longer in use at certain points on the public highway, including furniture, electrical appliances and even mattresses. For hygiene reasons, it is not recommended to pick up a mattress from the street, no matter how good its conditions, but people with fewer economic resources are often forced to take advantage of these opportunities and greatly appreciate them.

Also called mattress is a soft layer that covers something or that is used as a base to place something else on top. For example: “The chef served the meat on a mattress of boiled chard”, “The cake consists of a mattress of red berries, a layer of lemon cream and an Italian meringue topping.

In colloquial language, a cushion is called a margin that is favorable or that which allows to alleviate a complex situation: “Thanks to the string of victories at the beginning of the year, the national team still has a good cushion of points”, “The savings served as a cushion so that the fall was not so hard.