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In order to keep an eye on the time while riding a motorcycle, there are so-called motorcycle clocks. The motorcycle clock is designed for use on a motorcycle. The biker clock can be attached to the handlebars or to the mirror and is available both with a dial and as a digital timepiece . Mechanical timepieces impress as motorcycle accessories with their elegant design. The finest mechanics are housed in an elegant case. The robust, waterproof clock cases are characterized by styles ranging from elegant to puristic. Visit paulwallclocks to buy quality personalized wall clocks.

The most important features of a motorcycle clock

The biker clock is offered as a cockpit clock for the motorcycle. All clocks are designed for outdoor use. For this purpose, they are made of robust materials and are characterized by a clean workmanship. The use of metal and special coatings make the motorcycle clock waterproof so that rain, splash water and moisture cannot harm it. The water rolls off the surface and does not hit the fine, sensitive mechanics inside.

These are the most important features of the motorcycle clock:

  • optionally with or without lighting
  • mechanical or digital
  • battery powered
  • combines different materials with each other
  • different fastening solutions
  • waterproof
  • particularly robust construction for vibrations
  • luminous dial
  • shockproof
  • Anti-dust equipment
  • wear-resistant
  • with handlebar bracket or adhesive elements

While the motorcycle is in motion, the clock is exposed to vibrations caused by the road surface. Like a wristclock, the mechanism inside the biker clock is particularly sensitive. Even small shocks can affect the mechanics in such a way that the clock no longer shows the correct time.

Mounting options on the motorcycle clock

Every clock for a motorcycle must also be attached to the machine. For safety reasons, a wrist or pocket clock cannot replace a classic motorcycle clock that is waterproof . The fastenings are solved differently depending on the manufacturer and model . Most models are designed as a handlebar clock. The motorcycle clock for the handlebar is attached to the handlebar with rubber bands, fastening clips or screws. With all fastening solutions, these motorcycle accessories can easily be removed again.

Tip! The attachment of the classic cockpit clock for the motorcycle is different. It is built into the cockpit and is permanently installed there. With the cockpit clock for motorcycles, it is important to pay attention to the installation depth. It depends on the model and must match the respective motorcycle. For smooth use, the cockpit clock for the motorcycle must be installed properly.

In a comparison between the models, there are a few offers that are intended for mounting on the exterior mirror. If you want to order such a clock, you have to make sure that all accessories for mounting are included. These clocks are usually glued to the mirror. The adhesive elements are particularly high quality here.

Digital or analog versions

A distinction is made between two basic types of motorcycle clocks . These are the digital and analog versions. The analog variant is the classic. As with another range of clocks that work analog, a dial and hands are available to read the time. If the motorcycle clock works digitally, the time is shown on a display.

Advantages of digital and analog clocks in comparison

Advantages of motorcycle clock digital Advantages of motorcycle analog
· very easy to read the time· continue to offer programming and setting options

· with lighting for easy reading in the dark

· many functional extras

· mostly very clear time display

· partly with temperature display

· no

· classic design· extremely robust

· look very elegant

· low range of functions

A motorcycle clock does not always work digitally. Corresponding combination solutions are now also available. The analog-digital clocks combine proven technology with a very modern design. For example, they are illuminated and come with additional display information such as the date or temperature. Therefore, according to experience, they are particularly popular when it comes to retrofitting a motorcycle clock with a thermometer . Even with these combination offers, the motorcycle clock is usually waterproof.

Requirements for good motorcycle clocks

A price comparison between the various brands and motorcycle clocks makes the considerable cost differences clear. The price differences are influenced by the following factors :

  • model
  • Brand and series
  • materials
  • Furnishing
  • analog or digital technology
  • Attachment
  • design

Experience reports from gifted motorcyclists show that very good motorcycle clocks can be identified primarily by their qualitative properties. This includes, for example, the materials. Even the best equipment hardly brings any advantages if the materials are inferior. Most biker clocks now have an alloy made of chrome. Above all, the design ensures that most bikers want to buy such a motorcycle clock, because the chrome makes them look particularly high-quality.

Depending on the model and price range, manufacturers use the following materials as materials:

  • aluminum
  • stainless steel
  • plastic
  • titanium

The best motorcycle clocks are either entirely or partially made of titanium. Titanium is a special metal that was launched in the 1980s. The clock industry quickly discovered the benefits of titanium. Compared to stainless steel, titanium is significantly lighter and very temperature-resistant.

Motorcycle clocks are a practical accessory for every biker. They can be installed and removed again as required. The range of brands is extensive and covers numerous price ranges.

Motorcycle Clocks