Olimia, Slovenia

Olimia, Slovenia

Terme Olimia is a resort one and a half hour drive from Ljubljana, located among forests and small lakes. It has comfortable hotels, the Termalia wellness center with a pool complex with a total area of ​​2000 sq. m, a sauna complex, a fitness center and a therapeutic center with treatment rooms. Olimiya is especially proud of the designer swimming pool complex “in pink” and the sauna park. Check Andyeducation to learn more about Slovenia.

Local waters, known since the time of the Romans and Celts, have long healed the afflicted, relieved pain and relieved fatigue. It is no wonder that many tourists who know a lot about quality treatment strive to get into such a heavenly, calm and quiet place, located literally in the center of Europe. And in view of the fact that only five hotels are open in the resort, it is better to book places in them in advance. Not to say that Terme Olimia can compete in popularity with the Czech Carlsbad, but this resort receives a steady flow of its customers from year to year.

How to get there

As a rule, most of the tourists get to Terme Olimia on a package tour, so they do not have to worry about the transfer. Everyone else can be advised to fly to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and from there take a bus to Celje. In season, from this pretty city to Olimia, from two to five buses run a day (direction to Podčetrtek, Podchetrtek), the journey takes about an hour, the fare is around 6-7 EUR.

Alas, there are no direct buses from the capital. The second option is by train from the same Celje (about 8 trains a day, 50 minutes on the way, fare less than 5 EUR). This is a fairly large and pleasant city, to which buses from Ljubljana constantly depart, and here you can spend a calm and pleasant night exploring the local beauties.

Local waters, known since the time of the Romans and Celts, have long healed the afflicted, relieved pain and relieved fatigue.


The healing factors of Olimia are natural hydrocarbonate mineral water with a high content of calcium and magnesium and a mild climate all year round. Indications: inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the spine and joints, extra-articular and peripheral rheumatic diseases, chronic non-contagious skin diseases, circulatory disorders, rehabilitation period after injuries and operations.

Local water, which is raised from wells up to 500 m deep, reaches +24 to +37 ºC. Thanks to its exceptionally beneficial composition of electrolytes and pH environment, it not only cleanses the body, but also promotes tissue renewal. But the highlight of the Olimsk waters is silicon, which surprisingly affects health. Another nice feature: you can also drink local mineral water.

Therapeutic procedures: hydro- and balneotherapy, thermotherapy, electro- and mechanotherapy procedures, kinesiotherapy and therapeutic exercises, acupuncture, laser therapy – and even such achievements of local science fiction thought as “biotron irradiation” (well, at least not torsion) and “bioenergetic therapy”. In addition, the resort offers special courses aimed at weight loss and stress relief, as well as beauty and health programs.


On the territory of such a small resort, several hotels are open at once – all of them, with the exception of two, can boast four “stars” on the facade. These are Wellness Hotel Sotelia 4*Superior, Breza 4* and Apart-Hotel Rosa 4*. In addition, there is a stunning “five camping” Kamp Natura 5 * (not to be confused with a standard 5 * hotel) and a very comfortable “treshka” Village Lipa.

All hotels can boast of first-class design and a full range of services necessary for spa guests who come for treatment. If you wish, you can stay in the nearby town of Podchetrtek (which, in fact, belongs to Terme Olimia).

Entertainment and attractions of Olimia

Both the resort itself, and its surroundings, and the city of Podčetrtek are exceptionally picturesque, so walking here is a pleasure. In the latter, the ruins of an 11th century castle have been preserved, in addition, excursions to the Olimje Monastery, to the oldest pharmacy, where Minorite monks acted as pharmacists, as well as to a private chocolate factory, where they say they make the best chocolate in Slovenia, are popular.

Olimia, Slovenia