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Anyone who thinks a pendulum clock belongs in the good little room of their grandparents is very wrong. It still attracts many glances today, impresses with its classic style and surprises with its move into the modern age. The clock has its origins in the 17th century. The first models were created under Galileo Galilei and Christian Huygens. Over time, their design and accuracy were perfected. The pendulum clock mechanism serves above all else, which gives the clock its name. Here you will find more information about the different models of a wall clock with a pendulum, what their properties are, what popular materials and colors are, what different subtypes you may come across and what you need to look out for in order to find the best pendulum clock for you.

Pendulum clocks – what makes them special?

The fact that the clock has established itself again and again for several hundred years is impressive. The diversity that exists on the market today does the rest. But it’s not just such signs that add value. The value of this clock is more characterized by its pendulum clockwork, which consists of filigree wheels that are driven by a pendulum. The system behind it is very sophisticated.

The principle behind the clock consists of an oscillating or rotating weight, the pendulum, which, with every oscillation, triggers an action in the clockwork at a certain point that advances the time display. In many cases, the process is carried out using individual wheels and the anchor escapement. The escape wheel only moves when the pendulum is in motion and releases it. If this is released, the wheels turn. The clock only runs when the pendulum swings and steadily loosens the anchor. Because of this process, the well-known “tick-tock” of the clock arises.

Already knew? Due to the constant friction that arises when swinging the pendulum, the length of the swing becomes a little smaller each time. The time that is needed for the swing, however, always remains the same! This physical property was one of the decisive factors in the construction of the clock.

Structure of the pendulum clocks

A certain insight into the structure and functionality of the clock has already been given. In order to ensure that it runs smoothly, the movement contains various features. Manufacturers like to use agate bearings so that friction can be reduced with every swing. In addition, the swaying is kept to a minimum with pendulum springs. The pendulum rod ensures even power transmission and aerodynamic lenses contribute to the lowest possible air resistance.

The incredible variety of the pendulum clock

Pendulum clocks are available in a wide variety of versions, models and sizes and are used in many different areas. They can decorate desk or bedside tables as table clocks or decorate the living room or dining room as wall clocks, or as an artistic, antique or modern-looking grandfather clock that attracts attention. In addition to the classic pendulum, table clocks are also particularly popular with rotary pendulums that rotate around their own axis.

Popular materials and colors are used again and again for the cladding and the interior. These are mostly:

  • wood
  • metal
  • glass
  • ceramics

Class differences in pendulum clocks

A distinction is made between classic pendulum clocks and electric pendulum clocks. The former generates a step-by-step rotation of the escape wheel by the escapement when the pendulum oscillates. This process is continued by a connected gear train, which ultimately leads to the movement of the hands. A classic variant of the wall clock with pendulum, which, however, also needs more finesse in maintenance than its electrical counterparts. Electric pendulum clocks, on the other hand, are powered by energy via a coil, which receives electrical power from pendulum contacts, for example.

Other different subtypes are as follows:

  • Astronomical pendulum clocks
  • Reversion pendulum for gravimetry
  • Floor clocks
  • Rotary pendulum clocks
  • Eyecatcher
  • Mystery use

The best pendulum clocks – Comparative and winner test report summaries

The range of pendulum clocks on the Internet is incredibly large and diverse. A suitable model can be found for every type, every character and every preference. You have to find out for yourself which clock is the right one for you. The clock shop, such as paulwallclocks, will be happy to help you with this. Read each test report summaries, as well as experience and compare prices.
Very good leading brands include:

  • AMS
  • Kieninger
  • Erwin Sattler
  • Time

It doesn’t matter whether the pendulum clocks are modern or antique. You cut in the testeach excellently and are suitable for many areas of application.

Leading brands at a glance

AMS Kieninger Erwin Sattler
Founding year 1841 1912 1958
Particularities Durable quality products made from an impressive mix of materials and low-noise movements excellent clockwork technology with the JKA gear symbol on the case processing the best of 400 years of clockmaking tradition in every piece

Buy pendulum clocks – Uhren Shop will make you a suitable offer

The clock shop gives you the opportunity to compare the individual models and to make a price comparison.

Tip! Whether classic made of wood or modern with funk, there is something for every preference in the offer. The variety of combinations of the individual elements leaves nothing to be desired and casts a spell over thousands of interested parties. Popular materials and colors are used in many combinations.

It refers to:

  • Wood cladding with glass or metal elements
  • Cut and faceted mineral glasses
  • polished surfaces
  • Precious woods such as cherry or nut trees
  • Acrylic, steel, brass, glass or aluminum
  • ornate inlay work
  • Real enamel dials and Breguet hands

Often there is a certain combination between tradition and modernity, which refreshes the history of the pendulum clocks and gives them a new shine. You can wind these up or use battery operated pieces. Materials such as steel, aluminum and glass make pendulum clocks look modern.

For those interested who want more than just the simple carillon, the features are suitable, such as,

  • 9 diamond-turned carillons
  • nostalgic design
  • Cuckoo clock presentation
  • multiple melodies and chimes
  • extravagant style of a mantel clock
  • Pendulum clock with striking mechanism
  • Night shutdown

Have you decided on a clock? Then use the shipping included in the clock shop when ordering and have your individual pendulum clock delivered directly to your desired address.

Advantages and disadvantages of a pendulum clock

  • Pendulum clocks are graceful and beautiful even today. This gives rooms a cozy atmosphere with nostalgic charm.
  • The even tone of the pendulum has a calming effect.
  • Many models are equipped with impressive bells that ring every half and full hour. If you are bothered by the noise at night, you can even turn it off with modern devices.
  • With many models you can see inside and observe the precision mechanical components while working.
  • Pendulum clocks with a quartz movement are very accurate.
  • There are a lot of counterfeit branded products in circulation. Therefore, ask the seller of price-intensive models for an imprint, an engraving or other identification that confirms the authenticity.

What to look for when buying

Good quality demands a good price, that’s for sure! Those who pay particular attention can rely on brand clocks. With their name, these stand for good quality and they are assigned a longer service life than products. That also affects the price. Branded products are usually more expensive. The disadvantage of this division is the large number of plagiarisms, which are usually sold cheaper. In doing so, the buyer often has to make compromises in terms of things, quality, functionality and other advantages. A stamp imprint, an engraving or other identification is usually indicative of a real brand clock. In addition, the customer can consult a specialist.

Pendulum clocks to build yourself

Are you more of a “self-made” person? Do you like to make gifts for loved ones or eye-catchers for your own apartment? Pendulum clocks can also be ordered as a kit. Among the providers you will find companies and brands such as Erwin Sattler, who offer you different models at a fair price. Build your own piece of contemporary history and use fine materials such as maple, cherry wood or walnut wood.

Pendulum Wall Clocks