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Clocks are a dime a dozen and their designs are as diverse as ever. Finding something very special in this mass is not necessarily easy. But the possibility to personalize watches helps to make the timepiece something very special . It doesn’t matter whether you want to give the clock away or decorate your own four walls with it: A picture frame clock gives you the opportunity to always link the view of the time with personal memories and the faces of your loved ones. A glimpse of the time quickly turns into a small smile and the thought of a nice memory thanks to a clock with a picture frame.

Picture frame clocks – very modern with digital picture frames

A very special clock with a picture frame is a digital picture frame with a clock. Visit paulwallclocks to buy quality wall clocks for bedroom. What makes it so practical? In contrast to the conventional picture frame clock, it does not take up much space, but thanks to its compact size is suitable for even the smallest desk. In addition, this model eliminates the need to have the photos developed.

But how exactly does a digital picture frame with a clock work? Basically, this version is primarily a digital picture frame to which a clock has been added. The digital picture frame has an internal memory , an interface for storage media and a display. You can use the interface to transfer your digital photos to the internal memory of the digital picture frame.

This then shows the photos on the display. The advantage is that you can display a very large number of images, as these are shown one after the other in a kind of slide show. Despite the limited space, there is plenty of room for your personal memories .

TIP: Before buying a digital picture frame with a watch you should consider the experiences of previous buyers as wellTest report summariessee. The range of functions is limited, especially with cheap models, so the range of functions should also be taken into account when comparing prices.

Picture frame clocks – large, colorful or very modern

Since many manufacturers have discovered the clock picture frame as a gift item , numerous shapes, sizes and colors are available. Whether large, small, colorful, black or white , it is actually for everyone the right watch available with picture frames. The watches themselves are also available in different models. So you not only get wall clock picture frames, but also table clocks with picture frames or even standing clocks that are equipped with picture frames.

In addition, you will find the picture frame clock in the following versions:

criteria Hints
With individual pictures With this model, the watch is in the foreground, only a photo or two are added. These are mostly models that are intended to be used on the desk.
With a collage of pictures Especially with wall clock picture frames, the clock is not always in the center of the arrangement, but the number of photos that can be inserted is decisive. That is why the frames are usually arranged in a seemingly random collage, the clock is either on the edge or in the middle of this collage.
One picture per hour This is probably the most classic model of a picture frame clock. Here the clock is set up in such a way that a picture frame is available for each of the twelve hours. The inserted photos form the clock face, the hands are in the middle between the frames.
Photo wall clock in special shapes This clock with picture frame comes with special shapes and deviates from the classic model of square picture frames and a clock face. Round and differently shaped picture frames are conceivable or the shape of the entire clock is constructed differently. For example, the entire clock can be shaped like a heart, a star, or a cloud.
Picture frame with clock and calendar In addition to the picture frame, these models not only have a clock, but also a calendar. Usually such a picture frame clock with calendar function is very large, which is why it is more available as a wall clock.

The multitude of possible construction patterns is accompanied by a large number of possible colors. With some models, the frame for the pictures is kept as simple and narrow as possible so that the photos come into their own . The narrower the frame, the more modern the watch often looks.

TIP: If you are unsure beforehand which photos you want to use in the photo wall clock, it is better to choose a model in black, white or silver. These three variants are the most subtle. If the frame is very brightly colored, the pictures can lead to the overall picture appearing too restless and the effect of the photos is lost.

Advantages and disadvantages of a picture frame clock

  • often very large
  • well readable
  • Space for several pictures
  • personal design possible
  • no

Picture frame clocks – what to consider when buying

With the right accessories you can make a picture frame clock yourself, but since this requires a lot of effort, many people prefer to use a finished model in which only the photos have to be inserted . A comparison of the prices of different manufacturers is definitely worthwhile in order to find a cheap offer. It is also worth taking one or the other test to read and get the comparison winner to take a closer look. A very good picture frame clock has:

  • a sturdy clock face
  • robust hands
  • a slot for a long-lasting power source
  • Picture frames that are easy to open and close again.

The best picture frame clocks are also equipped with lighting elements. Thanks to small LED lamps or similar elements, you can look at the faces of your loved ones in the dark. If you want to buy a picture frame watch, you should check the reviews of the model to see if there have been any complaints about the stability of the picture frame. Even if it is of course nice to buy a very inexpensive model because it is easy on the wallet , it is annoying when small flaws in the wood detract from the aesthetics of the picture frame clock. The best picture frame clocks are made of sturdy wood or metal and can withstand transport when moving.

Due to the above recommendation to include the buying experiences of other users in the purchase of a picture frame clock, it makes most sense to order the picture frame clock online in the clock shop . Not only can you choose from as wide a range of models as possible, you can also compare different manufacturers with one another. In addition, the delivery takes place directly to your home.

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