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Projection alarm clocks can be found in some bedrooms these days. More and more people are choosing to buy a projection alarm clock . In addition to the advantage that it projects the time on the wall, the radio alarm clock can also be used as a weather station. The projection alarm clocks in children’s rooms, which do not project the time, but rather funny children’s motifs or a starry sky on the ceiling, are very popular. The projection alarm clock can also act as a travel companion that automatically adjusts the time to each time zone. When buying a projection alarm clock you should look around the Internet and think about what functions it should have. The following projection alarm clock test shows the most important criteria when buying and informs the reader about the function and features of a good projection alarm clock. Visit paulwallclocks to buy quality LED wall clocks.

Projection alarm clock – the function

So what is the difference between a projection alarm clock and a conventional alarm clock ? The projection alarm clock is similar in structure to a standard electronic alarm clock. In addition, it is equipped with a projector that projects the time on a wall. In the dark bedroom, the projection alarm clock lets the time shine in digital numbers on the wall or ceiling . The advantage is that the digits are usually larger than on the alarm clock itself, making it easy to see the time even in the dark. The digits usually light up in red, although the display color of many projection alarm clocks can be changed.

Projection alarm clocks – the different types

The projection alarm clock test has shown that projection alarm clocks are divided into different types and categories .

  • Radioprojection alarm clocks: The most popular projection alarm clocks are the radio projection alarm clocks. In terms of their structure, they are similar to a normal radio alarm clock that automatically sets the time. Many radio projection alarm clocks have the advantage that they automatically adjust to the location when traveling by radio.
  • Radio alarm clock with projection clock : The alarm clock with radio and projection clock has the same structure as a normal radio alarm clock. A previously set radio station switches on as an alarm function. You get the most important information when you wake up. The time is projected on the wall in large digits and information such as the outside temperature is received as soon as you get up.
  • Projection alarm clock with natural sounds:Nowadays the trend is more and more towards getting up gently. If you wake up relaxed from sleep in the morning, you will be more balanced throughout the day. This is why alarm clocks were invented which, instead of a high-pitched beep, imitate the sounds of nature. Light effects ensure that the sun rises in the bedroom and that a gentle wake-up is guaranteed. The projection of the digital digits on the wall is also guaranteed with this projection alarm clock.
  • Children’s alarm clock with projection: In addition to the alarm clock with projector for adults, projection alarm clocks cut a good figure in the children’s room. With this type of alarm clock, the date and time are less interesting. Children want to see colored lights dance on the wall. The projection alarm clock for children conjures up a starry sky on the ceiling or lets different children’s motifs float through the children’s room. Children and thus their parents should enjoy a calmer and relaxed sleep.

Projection alarm clock features

Projection alarm clocks are very different in their equipment. While the simple clock radio is equipped with radio and projection, many models offer additional features. The projection alarm clock test has shown that modern, high-quality projection alarm clocks usually have several additional functions .

  • Snooze function:The alarm tone sounds and can be switched off using a button and, depending on the setting, the alarm clock rings again a few minutes later. Practical for people who don’t want to jump out of bed at the first alarm.
  • Change projection direction: Regardless of whether you want to see the time on the wall or on the ceiling – a good projection alarm clock should be able to do this. It should also be possible to rotate the digits by up to 180 degrees.
  • Temperature display : A very good alarm clock with a projector can now show how cold or warm it is in the room thanks to the integrated thermometer. The outside temperature is also displayed.
  • Multiple alarm times: The best projection alarm clocks allow you to set several different alarm times.
  • Dimming function:With some projection alarm clocks it is possible to dim the display and the brightness of the projection. So night sleep is not disturbed by bright light.
  • Humidity meter:Many projection alarm clocks show the humidity in the room. The best projection alarm clock should have this additional function.

Projection alarm clock – buy or order in stores?

First you should ask yourself what you want to use the projection alarm clock for. Should this be used as a simple alarm clock, or would you like to use the projection alarm clock as a weather station, CD player and travel companion . Different projection alarm clocks are useful depending on the area of ​​application. The projection alarm clock test has shown that very good projection alarm clocks can be purchased from Saturn, Lidl or Aldi. A wide range of projection alarm clocks can be found in the Media Markt and Tchibo online shop. The prices for projection alarm clocks are just as different as the models themselves. A comparison of the individual brands and models is definitely useful before buying a projection alarm clock. When comparing prices , one often comes across a current offer and can get hold of such a bargain. Ordering on the Internet has the advantage that you can carry out these comparisons in peace without going to many different shops. Many online shops also offer free shipping so that the new projection alarm clock can be delivered to your home quickly and easily. Different materials and colors, such as white or brown, can be selected and reports on experiences with the individual models can be read. It is important to ensure that the projection alarm clock with power supply is included in the scope of delivery. It is worth taking a look at the watch shop.

Tip! Leading brands such as Braun, AEG and Hama are still ahead in terms of equipment. The test shows that it’s not just about the design, but above all the equipment features are of enormous importance.

The table below shows the best projection alarm clocks:

Braun radio projection alarm clock TZS clock radio Hama radio alarm clock
· Snooze function· Temperature display with outside temperature

· Projection color: red

· Snooze function· Temperature display

· dimmable

· automatic time setting· Snooze function

· Temperature display

Test report summaries comparison winner show that the Braun radio projection alarm clock is the is. The TZS clock radio is the price-performance winner.

Pros and cons of a projection alarm clock

  • easy to read
  • the projection can be done in different colors
  • also available with weather function
  • the glow on the wall or ceiling can be a nuisance while sleeping

Projection alarm clock – conclusion

If you want to buy a good projection alarm clock, you should find out about its function on the Internet. A high-quality projection alarm clock has at least two of the features listed above. A very good projection alarm clock does not have to be expensive, because many online shops offer inexpensive models . When delivering, make sure that all accessories are included in the scope of delivery. Different colors and unusual designs are available so that everyone can find the optimal projection alarm clock for themselves.

Projection Alarm Clock