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Isn’t everyone looking for something special, something unusual, something new? Do the projection clock test and spice up your apartment with this special clock. Your advantages are quickly recognized by every customer. The projection alarm clock is a revolutionary type of all types of alarm clocks and projection clocks . Levi Hutchins from Concord, New Hampshire (USA) gave the go-ahead for everyday use of an alarm clock in 1787. The further development of technology in the following centuries – and above all in the last few decades – brought customers even more features and special features that make their lives easier and more pleasant. Here is an overview of what makes the world of projection clocks so interesting. You will be introduced to leading brands, the individual areas of application and equipment features.

Function of the projection clocks

You can usually find such clocks on the market in the form of an alarm clock for your bedroom. A perfect gadget to get up relaxed and relaxed the next morning and see what time it is right away. You don’t even have to turn around, find your glasses – before you can even see anything – and look for the button on the alarm clock. Your new projection clock shortens this morning procedure by many steps.

A clock with a projector is the solution. Visit paulwallclocks to buy quality mirror wall clocks. The alarm clock is equipped with this additional tool and projects the time as a clock onto any surface, such as the opposite wall or the ceiling . Usually the time is displayed in digital digits and in red. You can use a color setting to change the color of some types of alarm clock. There are also clocks with an analog dial. The numbers appear a lot larger on the wall, which is why reaching for glasses is insignificant. You can also use the rotatable projector to turn the time to any point so that it can be seen from any position, even in the dark.

Projection Clocks – Different Subtypes in Portrait

The projection alarm clocks can be divided into several subcategories. On the one hand, manufacturers differentiate between:

  • Projection clocks with radio
  • Clock radio with projection clock
  • Projection alarm clock with nature sounds

Projection clocks with radio

Most clocks are radio controlled alarm clocks . In detail, this means that the time and temperature information for the outside and inside are automatically set shortly after commissioning. A perfect travel companion – no matter where you are in the world , the watch automatically adapts to local conditions via radio . If you are interested in a model, you can find out in the product description whether it is a radio clock.

Clock radio with projection clock

Some models are equipped with a radio. The alarm function enables you to be woken up every morning with the news or one of your favorite songs that happens to be playing on the radio. Is there anything more pleasant? However, the choice of radio stations and the setting of the alarm intervals are limited. With this projection clock you experience the advantage of being informed about the new day every morning with the radio, the displayed time, as well as the outside and inside temperature . These clocks are ideal when they also have a radio function. If you are on vacation, you get the vacation flair, with the local radio station and the projection of the temperatures, carried to the bed right away.

Projection alarm clock with nature sounds

If the customer has had enough of an annoying beep, watches with natural sounds are the ideal alternative. The gentle sound of waves or the quiet chirping of birds are just examples of how someone can be lovingly woken up from their sleep. Certain light settings, such as daylight , even mimic sunrise.

Features – What does the projection clock show recommendations?

After you have gained initial experience of various subtypes and the areas of application, the question remains how the best projection clocks are equipped. There is a large number of variations that characterize quality and craftsmanship . Make sure that at least two of these criteria are included in the package, otherwise you will quickly have a cheap and simple product in your hands.

The following features are interesting:

  • Projection direction adjustable
  • Radio controlled clock with automatic time setting
  • Temperature display
  • Snooze button
  • Setting of several alarm times
  • Dimming function

An important factor that customers have to consider relates to the battery or mains operation of these clocks. Most of the clocks still run on the mains . A battery usually only supports the normal functions so that entrainment of the clock on a journey guaranteed. However, if you want to listen to the radio more, you can only experience this for a short time. Usually the battery power is not enough for a long time. The main task of this power generator is to mitigate the consequences of power failures.

Production clocks in recommendations – Comparative and winner test report summaries

Many individual reports and experiences about very good projection clocks can be read online . However, you can only find out which one is best for you by comparing the individual models and their functions.

Leading brands in this product area are for example:

  • Brendson
  • Brown
  • Oregon

You have already convinced many customers with some models . You can also find your products in leading specialist shops, such as:

  • Saturn
  • Media Markt
  • LidlAldi

Buy projection clocks – clock shop can help

Perform the ultimate price comparison in the watch shop and find your model of a watch with a projector. A suitable offer can be found for every style of these watches .

Popular materials and colors, as well as features of the models are:

  • a noble black
  • a refreshing white
  • classic brown
  • LED display
  • daylight
  • Display with outside temperature
  • Alarm function with radio
  • Runtime increase with power supply

Take a look at the wide range in the watch shop, compare the prices and order your favorite model. The shop’s own shipping department delivers your projection clock directly to the address of your choice.

Projection clocks for children

Have a look at your individual projection clock test also wander through the large selection of children’s watches . Projection clocks are just as interesting for children as they are for adults. In contrast to the usual models, children’s watches with certain projection patterns also help to fall asleep. For example, a starry sky, the portrait of the favorite princess or a superhero is a popular clock projection and lets your child fall into sweet dreams and peaceful sleep.

Tip! Popular colors and materials, such as rainbow colors, a delicate blue or pink, as well as the above-mentioned projection patterns or a fancy clock design, such as R2D2 from Star Wars, reinforce this effect.

Pros and cons of a projection clock

  • The time can be seen on the wall from any position
  • The size of the time can be recognized even without glasses
  • Setting different alarm times
  • large selection also for children
  • batteries and power packs are often required
  • possible dazzling of the display if the dimming function is missing

The most important facts at a glance

tip Hints
Alarm function Projection clocks can be normal alarm clocks that are also equipped with a projector that projects at least the time in large format and in red on the wall.
practical functions Additional features, such as the snooze function, display of the outside temperature and the inside temperature, as well as different wake-up times, make it pleasant to use.
well thought-out design Keep your eyes open when buying – a haptic, elegant design, the possibility of aligning the projector, practical functions and easy operation of the clock should be guaranteed.

Projection Clocks