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Who does not know it – time change and you have overslept. This can no longer happen to the user with a radio alarm clock, because these simple, mostly battery-operated devices are automatically set by the cesium atomic time base , which is considered to be the most precise clock in the world. But what makes a good radio alarm clock? What different models and functions are there and what should you pay particular attention to when buying? These and a few other questions should be answered by our radio alarm clock test get answered.

Why do you choose a radio alarm clock?

The small, robust radio-controlled clocks are usually equipped with only a few functions: time, alarm time and date as standard display , some models also with temperature display . As a result, you hardly use any electricity and can therefore almost always be operated with a battery. You don’t have the problem of constantly having to readjust the time – the alarm clock does that all by itself, even after changing the battery, it automatically sets itself to the second after a few minutes. Visit paulwallclocks to buy quality wall clocks with gears.

Regardless of whether it is a digital radio alarm clock or whether you opt for an analog model – radio alarm clocks are always easy to use and do without any frills – they only want one thing: to wake your owner on time.

Compared to other alarm clocks, radio alarm clocks are usually relatively cheap due to their reduced functions. This makes them ideal , among other things, as travel or second alarm clocks .

Advantages and disadvantages of a radio alarm clock

  • the time is always accurate to the second
  • no annoying clocks
  • small and compact – therefore also ideally suited as a travel alarm clock
  • independent of power connections, as it is battery-operated
  • few, but useful functions, therefore hardly any battery consumption
  • often need electricity

What types of radio alarm clocks are there?

Before you buy a radio alarm clock, it is advisable to get an overview of the different types of radio alarm clocks. You have already made the first choice by choosing a radio alarm clock in the jungle of different types of alarm clocks.

There are basically two types of radio alarm clocks:

Digital radio alarm clock Analog radio alarm clock
All data, such as time, alarm time or temperature, are displayed via LED lights. The display corresponds to the classic clock with hands. In most cases, additional information such as date or temperature is not required.

In some cases there is also a combination of the two versions.

But that’s not all. If you want to buy a radio-controlled alarm clock, you can choose between the most varied of versions: Most radio-controlled alarm clocks are battery-operated, but some models also have a power plug. There are also radio alarm clocks with radio, radio alarm clocks with projection, solar radio alarm clocks, special radio alarm clocks for children or elegant models made of special materials such as wood or marble. You will find numerous hereTest report summaries to all versions, which can be used to obtain good information.

What features do radio alarm clocks have?

Although the typical radio clock in our radio alarm clock test impresses with its simplicity, there are many different variations:

  • with or without radio
  • Radio alarm clock digital or radio alarm clock analog
  • Time display in 12 or 24 hour format
  • Date display
  • Day of the week display
  • Temperature display (on some models you can switch between a display in Celsius and Fahrenheit)
  • A wide variety of alarm signals: from a constant standard tone to rising tones, the chirping of birds and the sound of the sea to different smells or lights, almost anything is possible here
  • Snooze and sleep function: The sleep function wakes you up once, after which the alarm stays off. The snooze function, on the other hand, restarts the alarm of the alarm clock after a certain time
  • Different wake-up times: radio clocks with this function can set 2 wake-up times
  • Backlight with LED light

In addition to these more classic functions, radio alarm clocks also have models with nice gimmicks:

  • Radio controlled alarm clock with projection: digital radio controlled alarm clock whose time is projected onto the wall or ceiling with large numbers. Some models even have a moveable projector.
  • Radio alarm clock with motion sensor: you don’t have to search long for the button if you want to know what time it is: a simple movement is enough to illuminate the display.
  • Radio alarm clock with vibratingpillow: a small pillow supplied is connected to the socket and the alarm clock and placed under the pillow. When the alarm goes off in the morning, the pillow vibrates. Most of the time you can also set the alarm clock silently here.
  • Radio controlled alarm clock with sunrise: the alarm clock generates an artificial sunrise. Depending on how quickly you are in the morning, you can let the sun rise between 15 and 90 minutes. This type of alarm clock can also be silenced on a regular basis.
  • Radio alarm clock with docking station: a small plug makes it possible to connect your mobile phone or tablet. Practical if you like to be woken up by your favorite music.
  • Radio alarm clock with solar function: equipped with a small solar cell, these usually get by without a battery, sometimes a battery is charged with solar energy.

There is something here for every taste – whether for yourself or for children. Alarm clocks with natural sounds or light wake you up particularly gently. The same applies to the vibration cushion – there only needs to be a power connection and some people find the two cables to the alarm clock and socket annoying.

Tip! But no matter what type of radio alarm clock you ultimately choose, for the bedroom or the children’s room, we would like to advise you to make a detailed price comparison. The different brands often offer the same type of alarm clock in the watch shop. And only through the comparison will the best price come out in the end – regardless of whether the alarm clock should be white, brown, loud or quiet, modern or retro style.

Leading brands when buying a radio alarm clock

When you have decided on a radio alarm clock of your choice, the question arises which are the best radio alarm clocks on the market. This question is difficult to answer, because the presented radio alarm clocks are very different – not only in terms of the tones but also in their functions. In our radio alarm clock test therefore there was none Comparison winner. Radio alarm clocks from the following brands performed with very good comparison results, so that you can orientate yourself:

  • Jacob Jensen
  • Trophy
  • Junghans
  • TCM

Of course, Stiftung Warentest is also a good guideline!

What should you look out for when buying a radio alarm clock?

Regardless of whether you want to buy the alarm clock for yourself or your child, there are always a few things to consider:

criteria Note
Volume As quietly as possible: neither ticking nor sounding the alarm time or switching on the lighting are desirable
service As simple as possible: setting the alarm time or reading the time in a few simple steps is a must
Readability good readability of the display in any light
Alarm tone Individually different: rather gentle with nature noises or loud and squeaky
Snooze function Should be able to be deactivated so as not to wake others unnecessarily
radiation As low as possible

Do not let yourself be lured lightly by the many offers, but compare the prices and pay attention to all the functions that are important to you. Popular materials and colors can often be found cheaply – but if you want something unusual, it is often worthwhile to search a little longer until you find the one you want cheaply in the sale. When you order the watch, make sure that shipping is included and that the batteries may already be included! Let yourself be drawn from experience and tests inspire other users and think carefully about what you want, because an alarm clock often accompanies you for a lifetime.

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