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Who does not know that – the deafening rattle of the alarm clock, which leaves you standing upright and disoriented in bed, or the interval-like beeping, which sends an ice-cold shiver down your victim’s back every morning as he or she realizes that it is back to school or going to work. To the delight of many morning grouches, there are now a large number of alternative alarm clocks . Different subtypes and the most diverse equipment features make it easier to get up and help you start the new day pleasantly. Here you will be made aware of the variety and you will receive tips on what to look for in your clock radio test have to pay attention.

Clock radio? – What’s so special about it?

Very easily! A clock radio is perfect for people who always have a hard time getting up in the morning. Instead of being rudely woken up, the clock radio ensures that you are gently woken up with a radio station or your favorite music and that the start of the day becomes more pleasant. Visit paulwallclocks to buy quality gold wall clocks.

Due to the individual equipment features, such as different wake-up times or the snooze function, it fits perfectly into areas of application like this one. Some of these types even have a charging station for your iPhone or Android mobile phone. The various designs ensure a nice wake-up experience and bring color to the day. But why buy a device when you can use your radio alarm clock with an app on your mobile phone? Read through the following descriptions of the individual clock radios and find the answer for yourself.

Presentation of the individual models

When visiting shops like Saturn or Media Markt, you can stand in front of a huge selection of different radio models. From the classic with a CD player to USB, Bluetooth and Co , the variety knows hardly any limits.

The following models have recently or long been conquering the market:

  • Clock radio with CD
  • Radio alarm clock with projection
  • WLAN clock radio
  • Radio alarm clock with radio clock

Clock radio with CD

The classic! Although he may seem rather old-fashioned by now, this type is still very popular and can be found in many bedrooms. In addition to eye-catching or stylish designs and colors , such as white, these clock radios have a CD drive that is able to play mp3 models in addition to the CDs normally available in stores. A function that unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired in many normal CD players.

Radio alarm clock with projection

These models belong to the newer generations. The alarm clock is equipped with an additional projector that can be rotated between 45 and 180 degrees . The time with or without temperature can thus be broadcast on any wall in the room or even on the ceiling. The advantage is that the time can be seen in the dark and even without glasses, as the numbers are projected large enough. The display is mostly with LED. There is the snooze function and different adjustable alarm times. With the radio wire antenna, radio stations can be received via FM. A quartz stabilizer often ensures that the time is always displayed precisely.

WLAN – clock radio

With this device, the customer can be sure that it is always up to date. The reason for this is the commissioning via WLAN or the Wifi network. Due to the WiFi, the time is automatically set correctly. The individual stations can be received via the Internet, FM or DAP . The display is mostly digital. A remote control, the snooze function and an additional sleep function make the use of this alarm clock so pleasant.

Radio alarm clock with radio clock

This facility ensures that you find out the exact time every morning and that you are always woken up at the right time. The radio always sets the time automatically. These alarm clocks with a large display are particularly interesting, in which the time and the current song title are easy to read. In addition to the usual VHF, the stations can also be received via DAB.

Sony clock radios and Philips clock radios offer a variety of additional functions and are represented on the market with many of the different models described. Other different subtypes are DAB radio alarm clocks or DAB + radio alarm clocks . These reception options have the advantage that the time and the title of the current song are shown on the display at the same time.

Already knew? DAB describes a digital transmission standard in which terrestrial reception is reproduced on digital radios

Listening to a clock radio with an app may be all well and good and definitely serves the purpose. Nevertheless, many additional functions have to be dispensed with, which material clock radios bring with them and thus fit into even more areas of application.

The best clock radios in the recommendations – Test report summaries, Brands and co

Clock radios are enjoying widespread popularity. So it is no wonder that many positive experiences are described in online forums or internet shops .

Very good leading brands are for example:

  • Sony clock radio
  • Philips clock radio
  • iPhone clock radio with USB

Tip! Compare the different brands and models and find your personal oneComparison winner, where the price-performance ratio and the equipment convince you.

Buy clock radios – find the best model in the watch shop

Click through the individual offers, find leading brands in the sale and, after a reasonable price comparison, order your clock radio for your home. The shipping integrated in the shop ensures that you can hold your product in your hands at the right time .

Popular materials and colors freshen up your own walls a lot. Here is a small selection:

  • Clock radio in wood design
  • Radio alarm clock in retro design with rotating transmitter buttons
  • Presentation variants in white, black, metallic, aluminum or steel

The following equipment features are decisive:

  • several alarm times
  • Sleep function
  • Snooze function
  • Large time display on the display
  • LED display
  • Dimmable display light
  • Battery operation or with power pack
  • Radio reception via DAB, DAB +, radio, FM or WLAN
  • USB port
  • Bluetooth
  • Docking station for Apple devices

You can even find a wide range of clock radios for your child. You can also choose from the subtypes already mentioned. There are also many other popular materials and colors in the selection palette, especially for children. These also include radio alarm clocks with projection that imitate a starry sky , or the like. It’s worth making a comparison. The prices and offers in the watch shop are cheap and cheap, despite the high quality . See for yourself!

Advantages and disadvantages of a clock radio

  • large range of functions
  • You will be awakened to music
  • also available with projection function
  • Power supply required

Criteria for a successful clock radio recommendations

With a wide variety and price range of the radio alarm, can so many already the overview lose. So that this does not happen to you, a few points are listed below that can definitely help you in your search for the right model.

4 criteria at a glance

criteria Hints
quality The price doesn’t reveal much about the quality of the speakers or the functionality of the radio. Even cheap models can convince with performance and sound.
VHF Most cheap models only receive FM.
DAB + DAB + reception is to become the new standard for radios, as the variety of stations is significantly larger and impresses with better reception and sound quality.
Internet radio Modern clock radios have internet radio. Foreign channels can also be received via their own Internet connection and the customer can avoid annoying advertising or news.

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