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The good old time. For most people, the past is depicted with its most beautiful events. This also includes certain moments in which everyday situations are reflected again. For example the kitchen or the living room with the loudly ticking clock on the wall. A retro wall clock can bring that moment back to life. Depending on the model, a wall clock in a retro design is based on a wall clock that was fashionable at a certain time period. A wall clock with a retro look can also correspond to a time without actually ever having existed as an original in this form. Find out more about the retro wall clocks , the leading brands, the features and what retro wall clocks are.

What is a real retro wall clock?

Basically, there is no exact classification of clocks under the term retro look. Rather, it is a short form for turning back time , of course only purely symbolically. The retro wall clock is ideally suited for this in the truest sense of the word. Retro does not mean copy or imitation, but rather imitation. Visit paulwallclocks to buy quality vintage wall clocks.

In recent years in particular, there have been various examples of this in the area of ​​interior design, such as the vintage look or the shabby chic. Both furnishing styles that a retro wall clock fits perfectly into. If there are any distinguishing features at all, it is in the form that the respective wall clock is based on an original or represents a certain time. As retro wall clocks also be time indicator called embedded into a contemporary object.

The term retro wall clock can also be related to very good models that are manufactured today, but correspond to a different era in style and presentation, without a direct reference to time being given here. There are numerous wall pendulum clocks with mechanical clockworks that run for several days and even have striking mechanisms . These clocks can be assigned to the Biedermeier period or a region, such as the traditional cuckoo clock from the Black Forest.

Modern technology in a nostalgic guise

The vast majority of retro wall clocks contain quartz-controlled digital clockworks that are operated with standard AA or AAA batteries. In rare cases, the retro enthusiasm goes so far that wind-up clockworks are installed. Especially since there were battery-operated wall clocks or wall clocks connected to household electricity as early as the 1960s. Since the battery-operated wall clocks have a lifespan of more than a year, hardly anyone will bother to wind the clockwork with the key every 24 hours.

What is a typical retro wall clock?

The best way to explain a real retro wall clock is with examples:

example Hints
example 1 The wall clock of a specific time. In the 1970s, digital watches were all the rage. In the case of wall clocks, they were characterized by large fold-out numbers and thus replaced the conventional hour and minute hands for the time being. With the large folding numbers, the cases also changed. No longer round, but square or square was now the trend. Today this wall clock in the retro design of the 70s and even the 80s is very popular again and can be found not only in the kitchens of private households, but also in public buildings.
Example 2 The wall clock of an era. Here the retro wall clock is not modeled on an original, but with its dial, hands and indices as well as the case is modeled on a longer and formative period of time. The dial in particular is ideal as a surface for presenting certain milestones in contemporary history. These can be certain objects that are assigned to a period of time or fonts and colors as well as certain patterns. Sometimes the respective retro wall clocks remain indefinite. The periods at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries with Art Nouveau and Art Deco are very popular, but also the post-war period from 1950 to 1990. A very special period is the period from 1955 to around 1975, known as the economic boom referred to as.
Example 3 Retro wall clocks with a reference to the big wide world. Foreign countries, famous places or exotic plants and animals are further motifs that can characterize a retro wall clock. With the advent of travel, the watch also took on a new meaning. On the one hand, there were certain impressions from the tourist centers that can now be found on retro wall clocks; on the other hand, the public clocks used in foreign countries were so impressive that they are now even available to everyone as retro wall clocks. For example the nostalgic English station clock. Impressively large and modeled on the Victorian era.

The pros and cons of retro wall clocks

Of course, a retro wall clock is large so that it is possible to read the time, even if the dial is not just at arm’s length. This is not an advantage, it is one of the characteristics of a wall clock.

The real advantage of the retro wall clock lies in the variety of different styles with a really excellent price-performance ratio. In this way, wall clocks can be found that match any furnishing style that is based on the past. Whether now

  • Art Nouveau,
  • English classicism,
  • Art deco,
  • Biedermeier

and if need be, Gelsenkirchen Baroque as well. Not to forget the shabby chic and the vintage style . The retro wall clock can also just be an eye-catcher, an eye-catcher. You don’t have to spend thousands of euros in an antique shop for this.

The only disadvantage is that even the best retro wall clock does not go well with every furnishing style . But there is enough choice for that.

Summary: advantages and disadvantages of a retro wall clock

  • often large clock faces
  • available in different styles
  • a real eye-catcher
  • does not fit every furnishing style

Leading brands in the field of retro watches?

Retro wall clocks are available from many different retailers and manufacturers. The following is a small list of companies represented in Germany that offer retro wall clocks:

  1. Zassenhaus,wonderful replicas of kitchen clocks from the 60s and 70s
  2. Kio-times, wall clocks in the design of the 60s
  3. Wall-Art specializes in wall tattoo clocks
  4. Hama, wall clocks not only in retro design
  5. Seiko, wide range of different styles

Here on our test pages you can look at retro wall clocks that not only meet your taste and match your interior design style. You can also calmly view the offers and prices and make a comparison . We show you retro wall clocks that are cheap, but not “cheap” and that are being tested do excellently.

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