Right Angle in Dictionary

The right angle is the space between two lines that share the same vertex and whose opening is 90 degrees (90º).

In geometry, the right angle is important, since it is easy to determine when two perpendicular lines meet, for example:

  • In the analytic geometry Cartesian planes are obtained,
  • In trigonometry, the angles that make up a triangle can be determined more quickly and intuitively. In a right triangle, we can easily distinguish the right angle and, therefore, conclude that the other two angles are acute or less than 90º.

In addition, right angles or angles of 90 degrees is the reference between those of smaller (acute angles) and higher degree (obtuse angles) which, once again, helps to visualize and determine the types of angles of the geometric figures studied .

Types of angles

In addition to the right angle, we can find other angles according to the degree of opening they have, such as:

  • Acute angle: less than 90º.
  • Right angle: 90º.
  • Obtuse angle: greater than 90º.
  • Flat angle: 180º.