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School in Dictionary

College is a term that comes from the Latin collegium. This word, in turn, has its origin in the verb colligere (“to gather”). A college is an establishment dedicated to teaching. For example: “I am going to enroll my son in a public school”, “Yesterday there was a robbery on the corner of the school”, “They say that this is the best school in the city”, “Juan is happy because tomorrow he doesn’t have to go to school and can sleep until later ”.

The notion of school is used to name both the educational institution and the building itself and the classes that are taught inside: “The fee is very high; we are going to have to change schools ”, “ They painted the school and it was like new ”, “ The teachers are on strike so there will be no school tomorrow ”.

It is possible to classify the schools according to their ownership or level of education. In the first case, one can speak of a public school (whose ownership and management is in the hands of the State) or a private school (an educational institution for profit, although it is also subject to certain state controls and regulations).

Regarding the level of education, schools can be dedicated to basic education (in this case, they are generally known as primary school or college), secondary education (secondary school, institute or lyceum) or pre-university or university education (college).

A military college, on the other hand, is an institution dedicated to military training.

Finally, the College can be the society of people who share a trade or profession (such as the Bar Association).

School abuse

In recent years, the number of parents becoming aware of countless cases of school abuse has grown considerably. Thanks to the media and the action of certain foundations, many stories have come to light that reveal an undeniable reality: the school is not a safe environment.

Can this apply to all primary and secondary schools in the world? Probably not. The main problem resides in the ability of certain abusers, who may be children or adults, to cover their actions; and this discretion is effective because of prejudices, which cloud the eyes of teachers and leave those who need them most unprotected.

At first glance, the harshness of certain attitudes and certain comments alarms us all and makes us think that these cannot be true questions. However, for those who must suffer abuse on a daily basis, there is nothing more certain.

According to DigoPaul, school abuse has no limits. A few years ago, a boy with Asperger syndrome committed suicide after months of being tormented by his classmates; What is especially frightening is that his abusers did their best to convince him to take his own life, after reading that his disorder prevented him from understanding sarcasm and double intentions. The boy hanged himself. The next day, many students brought a knotted rope badge to school.

How do you solve a problem that has been at the roots of group education for so many years? One of the measures that many institutions are putting into practice is to maintain a much closer relationship with their students, to know their concerns and their state of mind at all times. On the other hand, there are initiatives that seek to anticipate these misfortunes through talks by former victims of school abuse, or by professionals capable of instilling principles of solidarity and compassion in their listeners.

To solve school abuse it is necessary to acknowledge its existence and talk about it with children, both with those who suffer it and with those who cause it. Only by facing this monster, which has claimed the lives of many innocents and continues to do so, is it possible to lose fear of him and make him disappear forever.

School 2