Self-love in Dictionary

Self-love is acceptance, respect, perceptions, courage, positive thoughts and considerations that we have towards ourselves and that can be appreciated by those around us.

Self-love depends on our will to love ourselves, not on those around us or on situations or contexts in which we do not develop.

Self-love is the reflection of how the relationship is and the feelings we have for ourselves, towards our physique, personality, character, attitudes and behaviors.

When individuals recognize proper love, it is because a balance has been reached between mood and our self-love. This balance is projected abroad as a feeling of well-being that is expressed in various ways and enjoyed.

In general, it is said that before loving another person we must first love ourselves in order to know how to value ourselves, recognize that we deserve good and beautiful things throughout life and that we are worthy of loving and being loved.

Happiness is the main goal of self-love, to be happy to accept ourselves as we are without letting people who are external and outside our family and circle of loved ones intervene.

Family and education are fundamental bases to build and strengthen self-love.

At home, it is parents and loved ones who have the responsibility to strengthen, from an early age, confidence in ourselves and to make us understand how important it is to accept ourselves as we are, to know how to recognize our virtues and defects, strengths and weaknesses .

People who feel self-love are characterized by being friendly, respectful, loving, independent, they care about their personal growth, their state of health, their training and do their best in all the activities they develop, among others.

Self-love and self-esteem

Recognizing ourselves, valuing ourselves, respecting us, accepting and surpassing each day is part of our self-love. If we do not feel self-love then it will be very difficult to have high self-love.

Self-love is the result of the evaluation and perception we have of ourselves, in a nutshell, it is self-knowledge.

Self-love can be maintained and fed with happiness, adjusting the concept of our way of being, in a positive way, this especially when difficult situations are experienced at the lake of life, especially during adolescence. This is part of being in control of our lives.

It should be noted that having high self-love or self-love is not synonymous with selfishness, vanity or pride. The really important thing is to be well with ourselves and project that abroad because that way we will be seen and perceived.

Now, who lacks self-love also has little self-love, which is serious because it generates ignorance of who he is and what he wants, as well as produces sadness, dependence, insecurity, devaluation, disqualifications, disrespect, among other feelings.

Phrases about self-love

Then some phrases of thinkers, writers, actors, among others, about what is self-love.

  • “You yourself, like any other in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha (founder of Buddhism)
  • “Do not say I can not joke, because the unconscious has no sense of humor, will take it seriously, and will remind you every time you try.” Facundo Cabral (Argentine composer)
  • “Self-love is the source of all love.” Pierre Corneille (French playwright).
  • “There is nothing noble in being superior to another man. The true nobility is in mr superior to your previous self. ”Hindu proverb
  • “Self-love is not the process of ignoring your defects. Self-love is to expand your consciousness to include your flaws and your strengths ”Veronika Tugaleva (Ukrainian writer)
  • “When I started loving myself, I got rid of everything that is not good for my health: food, people, things, situations, and everything that brought me down and away from myself. At first I called this attitude ʽa healthy selfishnessʼ. Today, I know it is ʽloveʼ. ”Charlie Chaplin (American actor)
  • “It’s really our decisions that determine what we can become, much more than our own abilities.” JK Rowlling (British writer)
  • “You are always with yourself, so you should also enjoy the company.” Diane Von Furstenberg (Belgian fashion designer)