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Alarm clocks without sound are not only suitable as alarm clocks for the deaf, even if they are of course mainly used in this area. Because there are also light alarm clocks and daylight alarm clocks , which should enable a much more pleasant and gentler wake up without sound . A silent alarm clock can therefore be of interest to you in many ways. If you are now wondering how an alarm clock works silently, then you have come to the right place. Finally, we will show you which alarm clocks are silently available on the market and for whom which alarm clock is the right choice. To read and search forever for the right alarm clock, you can easily find out more at this point. We pass on our experience to you free of charge!

Alarm clocks for people with hearing impairments – these options are available for you to choose from

Different alarm clocks can be used depending on the severity of the hearing impairment . Visit paulwallclocks to buy quality rustic and farmhouse wall clocks. Because a silent alarm clock can be used as an alarm clock for the deaf. However, if the hearing is only impaired and not completely deaf , then an extremely loud alarm clock may be a better choice. With this alarm clock, the signal tone is so loud that even people who are hard of hearing can wake up without any problems.

However, the extremely loud sound of such an alarm clock will likely drive your roommates, neighbors or family members crazy in the morning, which is why it can be better to opt for a silent alarm clock. In this case, a silent alarm clock is not just an alarm clock that does not tick, but that also works without any alarm tone. If you are hard of hearing and want to be considerate of other people in your own apartment, you can opt for a silent alarm clock in one of the following variants:

  • silent alarm clock with vibrating alarm
  • Silent alarm clock with light effects

Tip! However, these are not only excellent alarm clocks for the deaf, but the vibrating alarm clocks for the deaf may also be of interest to hearing people. This is the case, for example, when one partner has to get up much earlier than the other and does not want to wake the partner who is still asleep by the loud ringing of their own alarm clock. With a silent alarm clock that wakes up the person to be woken up with light effects, however, it cannot be avoided that other people who sleep in the same bed are likely to be woken up by the light as well. We would like to show you how these different deaf alarm clocks work in the following sections.

No sound alarm clock with light

Light alarm clocks or so-called daylight alarm clocks are not only very popular with deaf people .

Details Hints
to be woken up more pleasantly Rather, many hearing people also use these alarm clocks without sound, because the effect of the light should make waking up in the morning much more pleasant than if you were to be woken up by a conventional alarm clock with a high-pitched alarm tone.
functionality The daylight alarm clock from Philips , for example, is particularly popular . This simulates the rising of the sun in the bedroom, so that you can gradually wake up relaxed and naturally. For hearing people, such an alarm clock also has a nice chirping of birds in the morning. However, you should first check in practice whether you will wake up in time from the light alone. Because some users report that they just got used to the light at some point and then no longer wake up. However, there are other Deaf alarm clocks with a light that will wake you up less gently. This is the case, for example, with silent alarm clocks that generate wild lightning bolts in your bedroom.

So it is a matter of preference which of these alarm clocks you like the most.

Vibrating alarm clock for the deaf

Very good silent alarm clocks are not only available without sound and with light, but also with vibration. With these alarm clocks you will be woken up by a vibration pulse. It turned out that most vibrating alarm clocks are delivered to you either with a bracelet or a vibrating cushion so that you can perceive the impulse and be woken up by it. Here too, however, it is best if you do a practical test. Because some people perceive the vibrational impulses as insufficient to be woken up by them.

Advantages and disadvantages of a silent alarm clock

  • ideal for the deaf
  • the alarm is triggered by daylight function or vibration
  • softer waking up
  • some people do not wake up from it.

The best silent alarm clocks – there is one Comparison winner?

As you’ve probably already noticed, there is no such thing as an absolute one Comparison winner. Rather, the decision between a silent alarm clock with light or with vibration is a very personal one and therefore a question of taste. So you have to make a fundamental decision as to which type of silent alarm clock you want to order in the watch shop. Before you buy your silent alarm clock, a price comparison is just as useful. Because the range is large and the prices for your alarm clock and shipping vary greatly from brand to brand . But which manufacturers of silent alarm clocks should you compare? Of course, we would like to answer this question too, so that you can use the list below as a guide when buying a new alarm clock. We can therefore recommend these brands to you without hesitation when buying an alarm clock without sound, which can be a very good choice not only for the deaf :

  • Philips
  • Geemarc
  • Sonic
  • Bellmann & Symfon

Silent Alarm Clocks