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Whether old station clock or modern station clock: These special clocks exude a very special charm. A station clock can be purchased for outside as well as for inside the apartment. With the help of such a clock for the wall or such a table clock, a wonderful ambience is created almost automatically . A station clock has long been found not only at a train station, but also on and in houses and apartments. The selection of station clocks is very broad, so that every station clock fan will surely find a clock here that fully suits their own taste .

Why buy a station clock?

In earlier times, when the train stopped at the main train station or at another station, the station clock was often the only way for travelers to read the time. Today, on the other hand, you can no longer find a functioning station clock at every train station . Visit paulwallclocks to buy quality wall clocks for bathroom. In addition, many travelers now look at their own watch or their cell phone to find out what the time is.

However, the station clocks that can still be seen in many a train station today have their very own charisma and fascination. This applies to the modern station clocks as well as to the older models . And it is precisely this charm and the appealing exterior that ensure that many people choose a station clock. With such a wall clock , as an example, it is of course possible, on the one hand, to easily read the time and, on the other hand, a station clock is also a wonderful decorative object .

Old or modern station clock?

Nowadays one can choose between two basic types of station clocks. For example, you can still find models that are based on the original or are antique , as well as station clocks with a modern design. Which variant of the station clock you choose here is of course up to you. With the station clocks, which are similar to the earlier models, when you look at the clocks you often feel as if the train is about to pass by and stop at a station or at the main train station. With a modern station clock, on the other hand, is a more advanced lookmoved in, which of course is also not to be despised. Nowadays, a station clock does not necessarily have to hang on a main station or another train station, but can also beautify the home.

Where do you hang a station clock?

Whether it is the main train station or your own four walls: a station clock looks very good with both variants. For example, you can hang a station clock right next to the house entrance or on a garage . A station clock cuts a fine figure not only outdoors, but also indoors. In principle, such a clock can be hung anywhere in your home or garden where you personally like it. This can be in the garden shed , for example , as well as in the hallway or in the kitchen.

Station clocks: many different variants

“The” station clock does not exist, however, because these special clocks are offered in a wide variety of designs.

criteria Hints
Shape, colors, design For example, you can buy a station clock as a wall clock, as well as a grandfather clock and table clock. Whether double-sided or single-sided, large or even very small: Here you can choose between a wide variety of options. For example, station clocks in white, black and brown are very popular, as these models look very authentic. There are also station clocks with a wide variety of features. For example, one comes across models with Roman dials or station clocks with a bell or a figure or other decorations. Manufacturers of station clocks are, for example, WENKO, Hama and Mondaine.
Wireless In addition, a station clock can also be selected, which is operated by radio, which is a real radio clock. A radio-controlled clock has the advantage that it works very precisely and usually switches automatically from summer to winter time.
operation Station clocks can, for example, be operated by electricity or with the help of batteries. You can also find station clocks with solar. But here it generally depends on the respective model.

Where can you find the best station clocks?

A large selection of station clocks is offered on the Internet. In addition to ordering online, there is also the option of looking for such a high quality watch near where you live . Most of the time you can find station clocks, for example, in specialist clock shops. However, when you order online, you benefit from the fact that there is a much larger selection.

Tip! Thus, a comparison of the prices of the station clocks is of course much easier here. In general, you shouldn’t do without a price comparison, because there are often even significant savings opportunities here. Since the dispatch of a station clock is usually quite quick when ordering a station clock and the selected clock is conveniently sent to your home, online ordering is very popular with many people.

Advantages and disadvantages of a station clock

  • easy to read
  • charming design
  • ideal for apartments with a retro look
  • Required space because it is very large

Station clocks: which models are of very good quality?

However, the wide range of station clocks also ensures that it is not easy to find a model that on the one hand has the best quality and on the other hand still meets your own, very personal taste. However, if you want to make the selection easier here, you can easily do a train station clock test. The various station clocks are tested in detail. Test report summaries of course not only on the various advantages, but also on any disadvantages of the respective station clocks. This way you can get a pretty good picture of the different models without having to buy them beforehand.

Likewise, thanks to the test, you can to save the “self-directed” comparisons. It is no longer necessary to compare the various details of the station clocks yourself. This saves a lot of patience and time. Of course, only the station clock will be awarded that, according to the experience of the testers, performed best during the review. The winning station clock is therefore the best model of the test, also available to buy. If, contrary to expectations, this does not meet your own taste, you can confidently choose one of the other watches, which have also received good reviews . Thus, the tests offer themselves results in the ideal way to get to a station clock quickly and easily. No matter where it is hung or set up: a station clock is definitely an absolute eye-catcher that will surely attract many envious glances.

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