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A so-called time clock, sometimes also referred to as a time clock, is used to record the working hours of employees. In this way, the employer can see exactly whether the employees have actually completed their working hours. However, this only becomes a problem if the employees are not so careful about the time clock. Therefore, there are now a wide variety of systems for recording working hours on the market, which you can use here to get an overview. This information is particularly interesting for employers, although the different systems for time recording are of course also associated with different costs. If you want to buy a time clock, you can definitely get extensive information here and let us advise you free of charge.

The principle of the so-called time clock

The time clock is also known as a control or time clock. This is a knife for working hours that is used in many businesses and companies. Usually not only the beginning and the end of the working hours, but also the breaks of the employees are recorded so that an accurate time recording is possible. In the past it was mostly a time clock that actually pressed a stamp on a corresponding paper card, so that the working hours could be read off there with ease. Visit paulwallclocks to buy quality wooden wall clocks.

However, time cards are not used quite as often today, although these time clocks are still one of the cheapest variants. This may also be due to the fact that misuse is child’s play with these cards. Finally, someone else can simply insert the card into the time clock instead of the actual employee whose working time is to be recorded with the help of this clock . That is why more and more companies are using a virtual time clock with a fingerprint sensor. So a lot has happened since the time clock was invented.

This tool for measuring time was used for the first time in the period of industrialization. Today, however, most time clocks work with a chip or fingerprint. A time clock app or a virtual time clock are therefore also being used more and more frequently. A time clock system with a chip has the advantage that it can be supplemented with additional software that can be uploaded to both a PC and a Mac computer. For example, the time clocks with a chip can also give employees access to their workplace or to security-relevant areas that not every employee is allowed to enter. In many cases, the modern time clocks kill two birds with one stone. The traditional stamping of the time clock has also changed. Because now it is no longer necessary to prick a card, it is enough if the chip card is held up to a kiosk system.

Simple time clocks at a low price

While the highly professional, virtual time clocks , which are mainly used in large companies, deliver very good results, they are also very expensive in comparison and therefore not profitable for smaller companies.

Good to know Hints
low costs It can therefore be best if smaller companies consciously opt for a more traditional form of the time clock that is associated with lower costs.
trust is important The time clock has a test showed that stamp cards are still in use with these models , so that a certain trust in your own employees is essential so that they really only stamp their own cards.

According to field reports , the best time clocks of this type have the following features:

Advantages and disadvantages of a high quality time clock

  • Emergency power for at least 72 hours
  • the time clock can be used by any number of employees
  • 100 or more stamp cards are included in the original scope of delivery
  • Most of the time clocks of this type have no arithmetic function
  • if there is a calculation function, then there is usually an employee restriction
  • calculate the daily or monthly hours
  • partly automatic inclusion of two breaks
  • large analog display
  • automatic adjustment for leap years
  • high moisture resistance
  • Models without a fingerprint require a chip card

The basic commissioning of such time clocks works very easily in most cases by simply plugging the time clock into the socket. In most cases, however, various parameters have to be set individually so that booking is immediately possible to the minute . Also remember that you should perform a function test with a sample card after you have set all of the following parameters as required:

  • the time of day
  • the accounting period
  • the summer or winter time

Also, don’t forget that you have to insert the ribbon or cartridge in your new time clock, otherwise it will not be able to print. The best thing to do is to buy a time clock together with the corresponding stamp cards in the offer. In this way you can save a lot of money in the price comparison and if you order the cards at the same time, you won’t run out of them so quickly. Make sure to also pay attention to the shipping prices if you want to secure the best possible deal.

Time clocks with fingerprints – for even more security

Many Test report summaries and experience show, however, that more and more employers want additional protection. After all, in this case not only is a chip card required to record working hours , but the user has to hold his finger to the device to identify himself. Only the actual employee can have an entry made on his time card, so that the bosses can protect themselves even better against fraud by their employees. With these devices, the administrative effort can be reduced accordingly, which is why this form of time clock is particularly popular in these facilities:

  • schools
  • Hotels
  • Factories
  • offices

Tip! Usually, however, such time clocks can only be used for a limited number of employees, since their biometric data must ultimately be stored in the system. However, up to 2,000 fingerprint templates can be saved in addition to 100,000 data records with the really good devices on the market.

Which brands do we recommend when buying a time clock?

Without a professional answer to this question, our purchase advice would of course not be complete. However, before we name those brands that are in our test, you should know that a price comparison between the various manufacturers makes sense so that you can ultimately secure the best possible price-performance ratio . You can also compare the features of the different time clocks at your leisure so that you can make the perfect decision for yourself and your employees. These brands are happy to support you in this matter:

  • QuickClocks
  • Anself
  • Realand
  • FeelGlad
  • Safescan
  • Trojan time systems
  • SCM Microsystems
  • LeaningTech
  • Sourcing map
  • Honey bear

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