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Even in today’s times, when hardly anyone can do without their smartphone, which can also serve as an alarm clock , the travel alarm clock is still very popular. If you want to get up on time on vacation or to be woken up in time, you can fully rely on this helper, also known as a mini alarm clock. Whether digital travel alarm clock or analog travel alarm clock is completely irrelevant here. Since the selection of travel alarm clocks is also very broad, you will certainly find a functional alarm clock that fully meets your personal taste.

What is a travel alarm clock?

A travel alarm clock is a small alarm clock that, due to its small size, can easily be taken on vacation. The mini alarm clock takes up very little space and can be stowed away in a suitcase as well as in a handbag, for example. In addition, many models are foldable. This means that the travel alarm clock can be opened and closed. If the alarm clock is unfolded, the “lid” serves as a stand . For example, you can always conveniently read the time from your bed or couch. Visit paulwallclocks to buy quality digital wall clocks.

Why not use your smartphone as a “travel alarm clock”?

Of course, the smartphone with its alarm function can generally also serve as an alarm clock when traveling. However, this harbors some dangers. A smartphone lying on the bedside table tempts you to “quickly” check your e-mails, “briefly” read something or “quickly” write an SMS. That means: You cannot calm down and you get significantly less sleep. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of simply forgetting to take the smartphone to bed or to set the alarm function . Oversleeping is inevitable. If the smartphone is then lost or, for example, accidentally left with a friend or work colleague, you will not be woken up in the morning either.

Travel alarm clocks in a wide variety of variants

Travel alarm clocks are offered in a very wide range. Whether as a digital travel alarm clock, analog or mechanical travel alarm clock , with or without radio: Here you will certainly find exactly the rice alarm clock that you personally prefer, such as a digital alarm clock without radio . If you feel disturbed by the usual ticking of a clock and an alarm clock, you can easily choose an alarm clock that is completely silent. As an alternative to a conventional travel alarm clock, radio alarm clocks can also be used on a trip . These alarm clocks do not make themselves noticeable with a specific alarm tone, but with the help of music.

Criteria Hints
Equipment features Travel alarm clocks are also offered with a wide variety of equipment features. For example, there are models in which the pointers light up at night. Or a variant with a light switch can be selected so that the light of the alarm clock can be switched on or off in the dark, as required. Travel alarm clocks with a weekend function are also very popular. Here you can easily set the times at which you want to be woken up during the week. If the weekend function is then activated, it means that the alarm clock does not sound at the weekend and you can sleep in peacefully. On the following Monday, however, you will be woken up again as requested.
Design Travel alarm clocks are also offered in a wide variety of colors. Whether, for example, in classic black, such as many Braun travel alarm clocks, or in white, silver, red and blue: Here you can decide entirely according to your own taste.

Very popular models are, for example, the Braun Reflex Control and the Braun Voice Control travel alarm clock. Of course, a travel alarm clock can not only be used on vacation. Such an alarm clock is also a valuable companion on a business trip, for example. And if you want, you can easily set the small, practical alarm clock on the bedside table, not only during the holidays, but also in everyday life. Travel alarm clocks are often made of plastic , but they can also be made of other materials and, for example, have a metal housing.

Which manufacturer offers travel alarm clocks?

Travel alarm clocks are offered by a wide variety of manufacturers . These include, for example:

  • Junghans
  • Hama
  • Casio as well
  • Braun travel alarm clock

In addition to a large number of well-known brands, it is also possible, for example, to opt for a travel alarm clock from a rather unknown company. Among other things, it became clear that the prices of the various alarm clocks often differ significantly from one another. A price comparison is therefore a good way to go easy on your wallet and save a lot.

Where can you find the best travel alarm clocks?

Very good travel alarm clocks can be found on the Internet as well as in a local shop. For example, when looking for a Braun Reflex Control or Braun Voice Control travel alarm, you can look around in a department store as well as in a specialist watch store or a watch shop. When buying a travel alarm clock, however, you should take a close look at what is on offer. For example, not only when comparing the usual prices , but also when comparing discounts and the like, one often finds a price difference that is not to be despised. In general, however, the trend is increasingly towards ordering on the Internet.

Tip! This fact is not only due to the large selection, but also because you can simply order online around the clock. Nowadays you don’t even have to sit at a stationary computer to do this: thanks to smartphones, tablets and laptops, it is possible, for example, to order the travel alarm clock online from bed or even while out and about. Since shipping is usually very quick, it is not necessary to wait too long for the selected travel alarm clock. As a rule, the travel alarm clock is delivered within a very short time.

Advantages and disadvantages of a travel alarm clock

  • ideal for on the go
  • small and compact
  • Lid often functions as a stand
  • usually a battery is required

Looking for experiences: which travel alarm clock is the best?

Thanks to the wide selection of travel alarm clocks, it is possible to find an alarm clock that suits your own needs, but the selection is usually extremely difficult. However, here is a travel alarm test, then a decision can be made much more easily. For example, the various performance features, which takes a close look at costs and much more, can be used here to quickly and easily read the various information and compare them with one another. This is much faster than having to laboriously search for the respective details yourself. This travel alarm clock did the best and is therefore an absolute purchase recommendation. However, contrary to expectations, you did not like it, then you can of course still switch to the other models, which are also high up in the comparison result. The purchase of a suitable travel alarm clock is thanks to the test very straightforward.

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