Vine in Dictionary

New apps and social media offers keep coming onto the market. While Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are now some of the best-known applications, there are various other concepts that have appeared over time – and have already disappeared again. As a video platform, the Vine app was in great demand at times.

  • Vine was one of the well-known social media channels until 2017.
  • Users could upload short videos of up to six seconds.
  • In 2012 the service was bought by Twitter.
  • The Vine archives are still available today.

What was Vine?

Your cat performs funny tricks, the offspring make their first attempts at walking or crazy party games are played in large groups at the flat-share party? These are the very best occasions for making funny videos. Since the smartphone is always with you and quickly at hand these days, you record the events spontaneously. And then of course you want to share it with friends and acquaintances who are not there. This is very easy to do in various social media. Until recently, Vine was one of the hottest video platforms on the internet. The video was uploaded and available after just a few seconds, so that the community could enjoy it.

In order to be able to use Vine, it was necessary to register. As a member of the community, they recorded a video that was no longer than six seconds . This could be shared on the page. As on other social media sites, users had the opportunity to rate other users’ uploads. To do this, they distributed smileys when they liked a video. The users had the offer of friends and users with interesting content in view via the follower function. To make the videos easy to find by those interested, the members used the hashtag system, which is also used on Twitter. The most popular hashtags were:

  • memes
  • vines
  • funnymemes
  • memesdaily
  • funny

How was the Vine app used?

The videos had to be recorded with a mobile device – for example with a smartphone or a tablet. Users could either upload continuous videos or short films with stops in between. Since the mini-stopover films were often used, many of the uploads had the typical GIF look: slightly choppy scenes that were repeated over and over as a loop.

When was Vine discontinued?

The two founders Dominik Hofmann and Rus Jussupow brought Vine onto the market in 2012. In the same year, the network was taken over by Twitter. The short message service was interested in the offer because Vine also relied on short media offers. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was already talking about the “next big thing” with a view to Vine. And the numbers proved him right: In 2013, the app was temporarily in first place among the free apps from the Apple App Store. Around 40 million users registered by the end of summer. At the end of 2016, those responsible announced the end of Vine. The app was finally discontinued in January 2017 .

Vine today

Since the end of Vine defined by digopaul, it is no longer possible to post new videos on the platform. But that doesn’t mean that old Vine videos can no longer be seen.

  • You still have the option to watch the videos that have already been uploaded. To do this, go to to browse the Vine archive, which was created in April 2018.
  • To find your own videos as an open profile, simply enter
  • Logging into the video service is no longer possible. If you want to delete your profile , write an email to vinehel[email protected] and include the link to your own page in the text.

Alternatives to Vine

Vine isn’t the only app that allows you to share short videos with the community and friends. Other channels also have this offer, above all Instagram. On Instagram it is not only possible to upload artistic photos or snapshots – edited with filters – you can also present short videos here. You upload them to your feed or share with friends on an Instagram story. However, these stories are only available for a limited time. They disappear 24 hours after the upload. The status function of the WhatsApp messaging service can also be used. Here you share your videos with all contacts or selected friends from your address book.