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What is Zebra?

The zebra is an equine mammal with yellowish hair with black or brown vertical stripes that lives in African sheets.

Currently, there is a confusion in the writing of this word of being “zebra” or “zebra” , at some point this word was written with “Z” due to the scientific name “Equus Zebra” but it is out of use and the form correct to be written is with “C”, therefore, it is “zebra.”

The common feature among zebras is the spots but they do not always predominate throughout the body of the animal since the zebra equus quagga (common zebra) currently in extinction had the spots only on the back of the body.

Zoologists concluded that the zebra is black with white stripes because white equidae could not survive in the plains and forests of Africa, the quagga only had stripes on its neck and the back of the body was dark, the region between the red stripes it becomes too wide and secondary stripes appear as if it were being removed. In the same way, they indicate that the stripes are a camouflage mechanism since it allows the zebras to hide among the herbs and confuse their main predator, the lion that is colorblind, likewise, the zebras when all together can seem like a single animal, achieving that Predators have a hard time choosing a single zebra to attack.

Zebras are animals that feed on coarse grass, leaves, buds, bark, and twigs.

The term zebra translated into English is “zebra.”

Pedestrian zebra or zebra crossing

The pedestrian zebra or zebra crossing is a type of path exclusively for pedestrians, it is identified by its longitudinal stripes painted in white or yellow in combination with the dark color of the asphalt, which is why this type of crossing was so named since reminds of the animal called zebra. The zebra crossing indicates that pedestrians have priority and cars must stop and allow the pedestrian to pass. The zebra crossing is intended to organize pedestrian traffic and protect them from cars.

The zebra crossing is known with other denominations as in some Latin American countries it is called pedestrian line, in Argentina it is known as pedestrian path, among others.

Dream with zebra

Dreaming of a zebra has different meanings: dreaming of a zebra expresses the originality and creativity that we possess, dreaming of an attacking zebra means hostility and interest litigation. If a zebra or a group of zebras appears in the dream riding through the savannahs, it indicates problems on the love plane. In the case of dreaming of a dead zebra, the death or failure of some project and the need to seek change foretells us.

What is Zebra